cooling weighted blanket: mom in bed with her kid, cat and dog

Why You Should Invest in a Cooling Weighted Blanket

cooling weighted blanket: mom in bed with her kid, cat and dog

So you love the idea of a weighted blanket, but you’re a hot sleeper so weighted blankets sound like something that’ll make you sweat to death instead of providing you with blissful sleep. Being a hot sleeper already means you aren’t sleeping well, as you’re more likely to wake up when your body temperature rises. 

Don’t worry, hot sleepers — you’re still welcome in the weighted blanket club! The best weighted blankets give you a great night’s sleep while keeping you from having night sweats. Here’s everything you need to know about how cooling weighted blankets work and why they’re beneficial.

Who Benefits from Cooling Weighted Blankets?

cooling weighted blanket: woman happily sleeping with a blanket on

Unless you’re one of those people who doesn’t value great sleep, pretty much everyone can benefit from a cooling weighted blanket. But there are certain groups of people who may feel like this blanket is a dream come true.

Hot Sleepers

When you’re a general hot sleeper or a woman experiencing hot flashes from menopause, you may need to leave the window open in January. Either that, or your partner goes to bed in a hoodie and two pairs of socks to compensate for your air conditioner setting. 

It may seem like a small problem, but getting hot while you sleep can cause countless nights of poor sleep. Higher body temperatures trigger you to wake up and make it more difficult to fall back asleep. It takes time and effort for your body to cool down, and by the time you feel better, you’re fully awake. Plus, waking in a pool of sweat is never fun.

A cooling weighted blanket can give you the benefits of deep pressure, without adding the heat. They’re even great for regular sleepers on hot summer nights. If you add in other cooling support, like a cooling mattress pad or cooling sheets, they can be a real game-changer.

And don’t worry about using them in the winter either. Cool blankets don’t make you cold — they just keep you from getting uncomfortably hot.

Anxiety Sufferers

Many people who suffer from anxiety are also hot sleepers. So, a cooling weighted blanket offers them the same benefits but with a lowered risk of overheating. 

Sleep is a huge player in helping keep anxiety low. According to, sleep allows your “brain and body time to heal.” This healing helps you better handle the highs and lows that are part of everyday life.

Weighted blankets can even help relieve anxiety in the daytime — the same chemicals that calm the brain for sleeping work to calm the brain in general.

Sleep Disorder Sufferers

While a cooling weighted blanket can help anyone looking for a better night’s sleep, people with sleep disorders may especially benefit. 

Sleep disorders affect around 70 million people in the United States, according to The Cleveland Clinic. Common sleep disorders include:

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep apnea
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Narcolepsy.

A weighted blanket helps sleep disorder sufferers relax. Relaxation allows their breathing and heart rates to slow, bringing them closer to sleep. 

Using a cooling weighted blanket is a nonmedical alternative that can help people with some chronic sleep conditions get better rest, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

People With ADD/ADHD

People, especially children, who suffer from ADD/ ADHD benefit from using a weighted blanket because the blanket provides pressure and makes it easier for children to stay focused, according to

Some children with ADHD struggle with falling asleep because they also have difficulty regulating their body temperatures. A cooling weighted blanket can help your child with the external stimuli while offering a temperature-regulated sleep.

People With Autism

People with ASD can become overwhelmed by sensory input. A weighted blanket can help them get quality sleep by providing a way to “turn down” other sensory input. 

According to Autism Parenting Magazine, children with autism would benefit from getting a deep pressure hug, but many do not like being touched. While a weighted blanket gives this sensation, it could be too heavy or hot for some children. 

You can find a cooling weighted blanket that helps with this and is hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

What Is a Cooling Weighted Blanket?

cooling weighted blanket: man folding a blanket

When your body temperature is higher, you’re more likely to wake up and have trouble falling back asleep.

A cooling weighted blanket has the same benefits of a traditional weighted blanket but uses cooling technology to keep hot sleepers comfortable during the night. 

They are usually between 15 and 25 pounds, though Hush Blankets offers cooling  weighted blankets that range between 5-35 pounds. They can lull you to sleep more quickly and help you stay in deep sleep longer, so you wake feeling refreshed, and well-rested. You can use them to replace your comforter or duvet, or as a comforting hug in times of stress.


Because weighted blankets (and cooling weighted blankets) are heavy, they ground you. Grounding is the idea of pushing your body down toward Earth. That grounding has a soothing effect on your nervous system. The downward pushing can be calming, which helps you sleep. It’s kind of like when you hold your child’s hand to cross the street. It’s not that you expect them to run in front of a car. But your hand grounds their reactions and keeps them focused. 

For you, that focus is getting amazing sleep.

Deep Touch Pressure

Another benefit of classic and cooling weighted blankets and weighted throw blankets is deep touch pressure. Deep touch pressure is a gentle but firm pressure that surrounds the body, much like a hug. The pressure promotes relaxation and releases serotonin and dopamine. These relaxation and feel-good chemicals put you in a sleepy state so you’ll be in dreamland before you know it! 

People describe the feeling of a weighted blanket similar to a hug where the person hugging you knows just where to put their arms and how hard to squeeze. Yeah, like that. 

For a restful sleep, consider choosing a blanket that is around 10% of your body weight, or of the combined weight of you and your bed partner. Any more, and it could be too heavy. Any less, and you might not get the benefits. 

But keep in mind, it's not just the weight of the blanket that is on you, it's the weight of the blanket total — all of the weight will press down on you. So consider the size you need and how much of the blanket will be on your body. Note that, the bigger the blanket, the more the weight is dispersed and the less you feel the weight on you. That means a king-size blanket, which is much larger, will not feel overwhelmingly heavy as you may expect. 

How Does a Cooling Weighted Blanket Work?

Man with a blanket on reading a book

The key difference between cooling and regular weighted blankets is that the cooling versions are designed for breathability and for your body heat to move away from you. This prevents heat from getting trapped between you and the blanket. Knowing how they work will help you determine which blanket is right for you.

Best Cooling Blanket Fillings

The best cooling weighted blankets use glass beads as their inner weight. The reason is simple. Glass doesn’t retain heat well, so when you warm the beads closest to your body, the airflow around the glass beads naturally transfers the excess heat away from you.

New technology uses lyocell or tencel. These are made with sustainable wood pulp and can help regulate body temperature. For some people, the weight distribution of these blankets feels more comfortable.

Heavy blankets commonly use other types of inner weight, including polyfill or steel shot beads, sand, and even millet or rice. These tend to have less airflow and retain heat, so if you get hot when you sleep, they aren’t for you.

Cooling Blanket Covers

The covers for a high-quality cooling weighted blanket are made with soft, light, and breathable fabrics. Much like a duvet cover, they should be removable and machine washable. 

The moisture-wicking fabric on the cover keeps heat moving away from you. Common cover materials include bamboo viscose, lightweight cotton (Egyptian or organic cotton if you want to be super fancy), and microfiber.

When choosing what type of cooling cover you want, make sure it’s comfortable against your skin, has a decent thread count, and is machine washable. After all, the last thing you want from your investment is to feel itchy and sticky.

If you’re really not sure what type of cover to get, you can get one weighted blanket and switch the removable covers based on the season. You could have a thin, cooling bamboo cover in the summer and a cozy minky topper in the winter.

Sleep Well Tonight

Man happily sleeping with a sleep eye mask and a blanket on

If you are interested in a cooling weighted blanket or a 2-in-1 system, check out our highly-rated blankets. The cooling bamboo fabric gives you the summer sleep and comfort you need, and the ability to change the covers lets you sleep well all year long.

A high-quality cooling weighted blanket with a bamboo fabric or cotton cover is a great option for everyone, but hot sleepers rejoice! You won’t regret investing in the ability to rest without overheating. But, with an interchangeable outer cover, a cooling weighted blanket can help you get amazing sleep all year long, no matter your sleep temperature. Find the cooling blanket that’s right for you and get better sleep.

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