Best Mattress for Back Pain in Canada

The back of a woman sitting on a Hush Hybrid Mattress with a pillow on her right side.

Most people think a firmer mattress is best for back pain. And while this advice is generally true (especially if you sleep on your back primarily) it can be misleading. The reality is that a mattress has two jobs: to relieve pressure points, AND support for your spine.

If you get a mattress that’s too firm, you won’t get enough pressure relief. Instead, your mattress will feel like you’re sleeping on a marble countertop or hardwood floor. That’s not comfortable for anyone ⁠— it doesn’t matter what sleeping position you’re used to.

Instead, the mattress that wins the title “best mattress for back pain Canada” should offer balance. It should be firm, yet comfortable. You should feel like you’re supported AND like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

That feeling was our goal when we set out to create the Hush mattress. We talked to dozens of customers and spent two years developing the best mattress for people who suffer from back pain. When you sleep on the Hush mattress you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and rested. Here’s why:

The Best Type of Mattress for Back Pain

As we said earlier, the best mattress for back pain offers both support and pressure relief. Based on our research a hybrid mattress fits these needs best for most people.

A hybrid mattress has two parts:

  1. Springs and coils for solid back and edge support
  2. A foam topper or cushion to offer pressure relief

This setup is incredibly versatile. It offers firmness for back and stomach sleepers, and cushion for side sleepers. This is especially helpful if you sleep with a significant other and have different weights or sleeping positions. Most people will be comfortable on a hybrid, so you’ll both be happy.

Best. Sleep. Ever.

  • No more back pain with triple-zoned support
  • Zero motion felt for uninterrupted sleep
  • Fall asleep faster and stay cool all night
  • Balanced softness and firmness

Every night is a good night sleep.

Triple-Zoned Coils Eliminate Back Pain

If you’re suffering from back pain, pay special attention to the triple-zoned coil system in the Hush mattress. 60% of your weight is concentrated in your torso, so we used firmer springs under your chest, waist, and hips to help keep your spine aligned.

Cheaper mattresses use the same support throughout. This allows your butt and back to sink deeper into the mattress while your feet and head stay elevated. Over time, your body will form a shallow “v” shape which can affect spine alignment and cause back pain.

The Hush Mattress Won’t Sag or Lose Support

When we talked to our customers they all said the same thing:

“We want a mattress that doesn’t sag”

The Hush coil system is made with high-quality Leggett & Platt springs that are typically used in high-end luxury mattresses. They’ll never allow your mattress to sag or dip in the middle. Plus, our warranty actually covers sagging mattresses, so you’ll stay comfortable for years.

Made In Canada 🇨🇦

When you buy Hush, you’re supporting Canadian innovation and labor. All our mattresses are made in high-end factories in Calgary, Alberta and Toronto. This same factory manufactures mattresses for high-end luxury brands.

Beyond Back Pain: How We Made The Best Mattress. Period.

A woman happily smiling while lying on a Hush hybrid mattress.

We interviewed dozens of customers when we created the Hush mattress and they wanted MORE than back comfort. Here are a few of the other features we included at our customers request:

Stays Cool Longer

We tested a lot of mattresses that were supposedly “cooling” and found the same thing. They all were cool for a moment, but got hot quickly. Instead, we designed the Hush mattress to stay 3 degrees cooler than your bedroom. Here’s how:

  1. The top layer of phase-change material reacts to your skin and draws heat away from you through perforated holes, resulting in a cooling sensation.
  2. The Graphite layer sewn in the pillow top pulls heat away from your body and is very breathable.
  3. The memory foam layers contain micro visco gel bubbles which absorb heat and doesn't circulate hot air back up.

Made of Non-Toxic Materials

Fun fact: the glue used in a Hush mattress is the same glue used in cereal boxes. It’s actually edible!

Also, each Hush mattress is made FRESH just for you. It doesn’t sit in a warehouse for weeks on end like other mattresses. So you won’t get any off-gassing or unpleasant odors.

In fact, the entire mattress is made with food-grade soy byproducts and CertiPUR foam. You sleep on your mattress all night ⁠— don’t sleep on a mattress that’s full of toxic chemicals you can breathe in over time!

Repels Bacteria and Bed Bugs

The materials we used in the Hush mattress are also anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. The mattress will wick sweat away, repel bed bugs, and keep you feeling fresh and clean every morning.

Side of Hush Hybrid Cooling Mattress that shows the minimalist stitched logo.

Recap: What Makes the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Let’s do a quick recap.

If you have back pain, it’s likely because your mattress doesn’t offer sufficient support. Most people try to fix this by buying a very firm mattress.

But if you buy too firm a mattress you’ll just have other problems. Instead of back pain, you’ll get hip, shoulder, or neck pain because your mattress won’t have sufficient pressure relief.

The best way to combat this is to get a medium-firm mattress. Hybrid mattresses work well because they offer firm support from coils, and cushiony pressure relief from breathable foam.

The Hush mattress was designed to eliminate back pain for a wide variety of sleepers while keeping you cool, clean, and comfortable all night. Plus, it won’t sag, sink, or deform over time.

For more information, check out the Hush mattress or keep reading for answers to other common back pain FAQs:

Back Pain FAQs:

Here are a few questions we commonly hear when customers are shopping for a mattress to relieve their back pain.

Is My Mattress the Cause of My Back Pain?

The best way to figure out if your mattress is causing your pain is to pay attention to when you get back pain. Is it in the morning, right when you get out of bed? If yes, your mattress is likely the cause. If the pain is the same throughout the day your mattress could still be a contributing factor, but is probably not the only cause.

Which Mattress Is Worst For Back Pain?

An extremely soft gel memory foam or other similar memory foam mattresses are the worst for back pain. They simply allow your hips and back to sink too much. This will cause spine misalignment and long-term pain.

On the other hand, an extremely firm mattress is also less than ideal. It’ll add too much pressure to your joints (think hip, shoulders, and neck) and cause pain in other ways.

Why Does Memory Foam Hurt My Back?

A traditional memory foam mattress is often too soft and won’t support your back enough. Others start out firm, but degrade over time and lose support. Overall, if sleeping on memory foam is causing you pain, try a different kind of mattress to get better support. We recommend a hybrid. 🙂

Is Memory Foam Good for Back Pain?

There’s nothing especially wrong with using a memory foam mattress if you have back pain. It’s just that most bed makers who offer “memory foam” don’t use high-quality foam, so their mattresses are too soft. Hybrid or latex mattresses typically offer better support, though certain CertiPUR foams and other high-quality, firmer foam can offer support without degrading over time.

Should You Sleep on a Hard or Soft Mattress With Back Pain?

The answer to this question depends on your height, weight, and desired sleeping position. Lighter people will need soft foam for sufficient pressure relief, while heavier sleepers should prioritize both. A medium-firm hybrid mattress is a great compromise and will offer comfortable sleep for a wide range of sleepers.