Brooklinen Canada: Shipping Policies, Alternatives, and FAQ

Brooklinen is known for offering colorful, high-quality sheets for a premium price. We’ll talk about their offerings in more depth below. But first, let’s review Brooklinen’s extra cost for Canadians:

Brooklinen's Canada Shipping Fee

Brooklinen charges Canadians $39 USD for shipping and customs. And while Brooklinen offers high-quality bedding, that shipping fee can be particularly punishing if you're making a small purchase.

Perhaps you just want two pillowcases, which will cost you $49 when ordering sheets from Brooklinen's site. Except, no, it won't. With shipping, the price is $88!

Plus, these return shipping fees are non-refundable. You may even have to pay additional shipping fees if you decide to return your item.

With these extra fees, the cost for Brooklinen’s already-premium price products might not make sense. If you’re interested in sheets, blankets, mattresses or bedding without the markup, it might be worth considering a Canadian alternative: Hush.

Try a Canadian-Owned Brooklinen Alternative: Hush Blankets

Close-up shot of Hush Iced Sheets in Blush color option.

For Canadians who want bedding that is:

  • Cooling
  • Breathable
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Canadian-made

…and comes without extra shipping or customs costs, you need to try Hush!

We’ve done massive testing to get customer feedback regarding the comfort and feel of our sheets compared to competitors. For example, for our last product launch we performed more than 300 customer interviews!

Lower Prices

Let's look at a quick comparison: a Hush sheet set vs. a Brooklinen sheet set.

Brooklinen Hush.

(1 Queen Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases)

~ $220 CAD
($169 USD)

$189 CAD


~ $50 CAD
($39 USD)


Total Cost

~ $270 CAD
($208 USD)

$189 CAD

It’s the same story with our pillows, blankets, and mattresses: lower prices and higher quality.


Hush is based in Toronto and supports fellow Canadians. For example, for every 10 weighted blankets we sell, we donate 1 to a homeless shelter or Canadians with disabilities.

Our products are manufactured in Canada when possible (products like our Bamboo have to come from overseas thanks to our climate). And we offer free shipping and returns throughout Canada.

Sleep Cool & Comfortable

All Hush products are designed to help you regulate your sleep so you stay cool and comfortable all night. More than 5 years of research has gone into developing Iced tech that will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

No Risk 100-Night Guarantee

And, you’re invited to try the bedding yourself at no risk. All Hush products come with a 100 night sleep guarantee. If you don’t love the product, just send it back. No questions asked.

Learn more:

The softest, coolest sheets you'll ever own!

  • Cool and comforable sleep all night
  • Feathery soft and smooth
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Environment-friendly

Sleep like you never have before.

Brooklinen Canada FAQ

Still, if you have questions about Brooklinen, we’ll dive into some commonly asked questions and an in-depth review of the company below:

Does Brooklinen ship to Canada?

Brooklinen does ship to Canada though they charge an extra $39 USD (about $50 Canadian) shipping fee. The shipping fee is non-refundable, and you may have to pay extra shipping fees if you decide to return your products.

Are Brooklinen worth the hype?

Brooklinen makes high quality products, though at this point you’ll pay a premium for the brand name. If you shop around you can likely find a similar quality product for less. If you live in Canada, they’re likely NOT worth the hype. Instead, try a local Canadian company (like Hush 😊).

Is Brooklinen an American company?

Yes. Brooklinen’s name is a derivative of “Brooklyn” ⁠— the region of New York City where they were founded. To this day their headquarters are in Brooklyn, though they’ve expanded their operations throughout the USA.

Does Brooklinen offer luxury-level linens?

Yes, depending on which products you buy, you can buy luxurious linens from Brooklinen. They offer basic products as well. Their main selling point is that they offer reliably high-quality products, often in wide selection of fun colors and prints.

At this point, you’re also paying a bit for the Brooklinen name. They’ve built up a reputation for providing high-quality products, and charge accordingly.

So don’t buy their cheaper products expecting luxury. Their basic products are simple and no-frills.

Brooklinen Overview

Brooklinen was started by Rich and Vicki Fulop after graduating from NYU. Since the founding of the company, Brooklinen has become known for offering quality bedding products for a reasonable, if slightly premium price.

Brooklinen Sheets

There are several types of Brooklinen sheets, including classic percale, luxe sateen, linen, and heathered cashmere. All are available in a wide variety of patterns.

It’s worth noting that Brooklinen is most well-known for their sheets. However, all of their sheets are made with standard weaves featuring linen and cotton fibers. So they’re not as “low heat” as many alternatives. Hot sleepers especially may want to look elsewhere.

Classic Percale

Priced from $139 to $209, Brooklinen's classic percale sheets are made from long-staple cotton and are available in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. These are the classic sheets you should get if you want a crisp feel. They come with long and short side labels for easy mattress application. Brooklinen also offers Hardcore Bundles, which come with a duvet cover and two extra pillowcases (true of all their bedding materials).

Luxe Sateen

Their luxe sateen sets range from $159 to $229 (again, before shipping) and include one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. They're made from 480 thread count cotton for softness. Unlike the matte finish of the linen and cashmere sheets, these have a bit of shine to them.


Starting at $239, Brooklinen's linen sheets go from twin to California king and are made from European flax. If you're looking for warmth, you're barking up the wrong tree. Despite their weight, they stay cool.

Heathered Cashmere

Brooklinen's heathered cashmere sheets are made from a soft blend of 5% Himalayan cashmere and 95% cotton and are available in four sizes: full, queen, king, and California king. Prices range from $299 to $329. They come with the same number of sheets as the Classic Core set.

Brooklinen Pillows

Brooklinen's pillow selection consists of three lines: Down, Memory Foam, and Down Alternative. Here are the details:


Down pillows start at $69 USD and are available in standard or king size. They come in three firmnesses, with the option of plush, mid-plush, and firm. The $69 value is available only when purchasing three or more pillows, and they must be standard size and mid-plush firmness. These pillows use Canadian goose down.

Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows start at $65 USD and are available in standard or king size. The materials are crafted for Brooklinen by Marlow in China and include 80% memory foam and 20% polyester. Brooklinen partnered with Marlow to create a quality memory foam formula with excellent cooling properties.

Down Alternative

For those looking to avoid down, Brooklinen's down alternative is made of soft microfiber composed of recycled materials. Prices start at $65 USD, and these pillows come in standard, king, and Euro sizes.

Want some sleep tips? Depending on the size of your mattress, you may want to purchase king pillows or just go with multiple standard-size pillows. Even a giant bed can be annoying when a couple of wide king pillows keep bumping into each other.

Brooklinen Pillowcases

Brooklinen's pillowcases can be purchased with their sheet sets (which come with a fitted and top sheet) and are made of the same fabrics. They also carry flannel and silk pillowcases.

  • Classic – Percale pillowcases made from long-staple cotton in standard or king, starting at $49.
  • Luxe Sateen – Higher thread count luxe sateen, starting at $55
  • Linen – For extra coolness, starting at $69
  • Heathered Cashmere – Even softer, starting at $79
  • Flannel – Soft and breathable for that cabin vibe, starting at $55
  • Mulberry Silk – Chinese-made pillowcases are 100% mulberry silk, starting at $59

All pillowcases have envelope openings for secure closing.

Brooklinen Mattresses & Mattress Toppers

Brooklinen Floyd Mattress in white bedroom.

Recently Brooklinen has followed up their success in sheets and other bedding with new mattress and mattress toppers. Their Floyd mattress features 1000 coils and a polyester-blend topper, but other details are scarce. Frankly, it’s hard to even evaluate quality of this mattress or recommend it with the specs given. (Mattress reviews online are also hard to come by).

Of course, you could buy it and try it, but the mattress only comes with a 30 day return policy. And 30 days is barely enough to fully test a mattress. Your body is really adaptable and is likely used to your current mattress, no matter if it’s old and tattered. So even the perfect new mattress can require a few weeks’ adjustment period.

Brooklinen mattress toppers are a bit more straightforward. They’re down or down-alternative, and seem to be made with high-quality materials such as duck features and cotton. But a down or down alternative mattress topper is going to be awfully hot. Unless you’re an extremely cold sleeper, it’s tough to to recommend such an insulating product.

Plus get this ⁠— all Brooklinen down products are made in Canada, but ship from the USA. So you’re essentially paying for a product to get shipped from Canada, to the USA, and back again. That’s a lot of customs and shipping fees baked into the product’s bottom line.

Other Brooklinen Products

Recently Brooklinen has expanded to offer loungewear; towels and other bath products; candles and other fragrances; wall art, and more. It’s tough to offer advice on all of these products, but we’d be willing to bet the quality is hit or miss.

All of these products fall outside of Brooklinen’s main specialty: linens (it’s in the name!) Still, if you love the Brooklinen brand or want to round out a bigger order with a new candle or bathrobe, the products are worth a look.

That concludes our in-depth overview of the Brooklinen brand. Thanks for reading this far! And remember, if you’d like to shop from a Canadian brand and get the best, temperature regulating sleep products anywhere, check out Hush!