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"Best sleep I've ever had"

Hush Iced 2.0 keeps you cool and dry all night, while helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

Various studies have backed up the
weighted blanket's ability to help
people get to sleep faster, stay
asleep longer, and ease their stress
all at the same time.

Weighted blankets can mimic deep
pressure touch (DPT) to encourage
your brain to release natural,
stress-relieving hormones, such as
dopamine and endorphins.

After a month with no insomnia,
I’m a convert. By far the most comfortable and highest quality weighted blankets that I've tried on. This thing is the best!

The Hush Weighted Blanket may be the answer you’re looking for… weighted blankets have been shown to dramatically reduce anxiety and stress, as well as improve your sleep quality.

But weighted blankets are also infamous for overheating and causing night sweats!

That’s why created this COOLING weighted blanket that wicks heat and moisture to keep you cool and dry all night long, so you can experience the life-changing benefits of a weighted blanket even if you’re a hot sleeper.

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Wireless Earbuds

These are now available in a variety of colours.

Office essentials

What technology is your work setup missing?





The headphones are great, very light and the sound quality is impressive.

- Kevin Smith

Quick turnaround

Great apple product for a very competitive price. Ordering online was a breeze and I was able to collect within 2 days of placing my order.

- Luke Johnson

Love them

Be careful with them as they can easily get lost and fall into random places as they're very small.

- Jenny Black



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