10 Best Weighted Blankets - From An Industry Insider (2023)

A couple smiling while covered in Hush Classic weighted blanket in bed.

Most people don’t know what separates the best weighted blankets from shoddy knockoffs. The biggest differences in quality come from details of the manufacturing process that customers will never see. Meanwhile, many online reviewers fixate on marketing gimmicks that don’t have much actual impact on a blanket’s performance.

Luckily, we know firsthand what it takes to make an amazing weighted blanket - because we've done it. We created the Hush weighted blanket after years of research into the best and worst the industry has to offer. This post won't just highlight Canada's best weighted blankets. It will also give you an expert's perspective on each one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Why Trust Us?

You might be wondering why you should listen to us - aren't we biased toward our own product?

Sure, but we also have the expertise to back up our opinion. While designing and refining the Hush blanket, we tested hundreds of other weighted blanket brands. We tore them apart to test the stitching and see how the layers stack up inside. We toured the factories where these products are made and talked with the suppliers who provide the raw materials. We'll give you an insider's view that you won't get elsewhere.

Besides, it’s harder to find non-biased information than you might think. Many of the biggest sleep product review sites are straight-up owned by companies in the industry. Others operate on a pay-to-play system.

Their “Best Weighted Blanket” articles are just lists of brands that were willing to cough up exorbitant fees. We got tired of being asked for bribes for reviews of our blankets, so we decided to share our knowledge directly with customers like you.

Bottom line: we know and love weighted blankets. We respect well-made ones even when they’re made by our competitors. And we think the industry as a whole is better off with well-educated customers. Shoppers who make informed decisions are much more likely to be happy with their purchases and come back for more.

So settle in, get cozy, and prepare to meet the 10 best weighted blankets your money can buy.

Best Weighted Blanket Overall - Hush

A couple sleeping under a white Hush Classic weighted blanket.

No surprises here - we designed exactly the weighted blanket we'd want to sleep under. Here's what makes the Hush so special:

Ultra-Fine Glass Filling

The earliest weighted blankets were stuffed with plastic pellets. (Some of the cheaper ones still are.) Those worked okay, but because of their bulky size and light weight, the pellets often pooled in awkward lumps. They also trapped a lot of body heat, making them rough on hot sleepers. Most weighted blankets nowadays are filled with glass beads, which provide the same amount of weight with less bulk.

The Hush blanket takes that improvement a step further. We use incredibly fine glass sand that spreads out evenly instead of clumping up. Glass sand also holds less heat than bigger glass beads, so you're much less likely to overheat under a Hush weighted blanket.

Perfect Weight Distribution

Weighted blankets work using the calming effects of deep pressure stimulation. This works best when the weight on your body is uniform, creating the sensation of a gentle hug.

Many companies try to achieve an even weight distribution by blasting a sticky layer of plastic and cotton or polyester in the quilted pockets (they usually describe this as “cotton lining” ). It's meant to keep the glass beads from sliding, but the spray-on method is imprecise and often creates uneven layers. This batting is also toxic, requiring workers to wear protective equipment when applying it.

We don’t like to put anything in our weighted blankets that calls for a gas mask. Instead, we keep our glass sand steady with a non-toxic fabric membrane. We paid tens of thousands of dollars for a custom-built machine that sews real fabric inside each blanket square. The web-like fibers trap the filling and stop it from shifting around. The result is an ideal weight distribution, with no spray-on toxic goop required.

Sizes That Really Fit

Sizing for weighted blankets doesn’t always make sense. When you’re picking out bedding, you usually want it to be at least a little bit longer and wider than your mattress. That way you can drape it over the edges or tuck it in at the foot of your bed.

But many weighted blanket companies don’t seem to get this concept. Their “Queen-size” blankets, for example, are exactly 60 x 80 ⁠— the same length and width as the top of a Queen mattress. That means the blanket fits the bed when it’s lying perfectly flat, but pulls away from the edges as soon as you slide underneath.

This kind of sizing is meant to reduce the risk of the blanket sliding off, but that’s only an issue if the filling bunches at the edges and drags it off. That doesn’t happen with Hush blankets - their weight stays evenly distributed, settling them firmly in place. That’s why we design all of our weighted blankets to fit your bed with room to spare. No matter what size you pick, you’ll have plenty of extra fabric to snuggle under.

Risk-Free 100-Night Sleep Trial

Still not sure? You can test-drive the Hush weighted blanket for up to 100 nights, with no obligation to keep it. If you don't think it's as awesome as we do, we'll be shocked, but you'll get a full refund. So why not see for yourself why the Hush is the best weighted blanket on the market?

Best Weighted Blanket for Color Selection - Gravity Blankets

A close-up shot of Gravity Weighted Blanket in gold color.

Gravity is one of the longest-running weighted blanket manufacturers around, and they've upgraded from their old plastic-filled design. Now they use a combination of glass beads and unspecified filling (likely some sort of spray-in material). It's not as breathable or evenly distributed as the filling in the Hush blanket, but it's better than most competitors.

For added stability, the Gravity blanket has lots of attachment points between the inner layer and the duvet cover. That helps to keep it from getting lumpy as you move around. (Though it does make for extra effort when you're trying to take off the cover.)

We also appreciate the versatile range of colors and weights. The Gravity blanket comes in several fun colors and has nearly as many weight options as the Hush.

Our main problem with the Gravity blanket is the sizing. Their "single" blanket isn't big enough to cover a Full-size bed, since it's only 48 x 72 inches. Compare that to Hush's Twin size option, which is a generous 60 x 80. You also don't get many size choices - the only options are the Kids, the Single, and the Queen.

We still think the Hush is a better pick for coziness and even weight distribution, but the Gravity weighted blanket is a solid second choice.

Shop Gravity blankets here

Best Velvet Weighted Blanket - Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket

A woman sitting comfortably on a grey couch holding a cup while draped with a taupe Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket.

Many weighted blankets emphasize either coolness or a snuggly feel. The Saatva weighted blanket splits the difference. It's made of organic cotton velvet that's touchable and soft without sacrificing breathability.

The result isn't as chill as a true cooling weighted blanket. If you're a hot sleeper, you may still sweat a bit under this one. However, it strikes a good balance between warm, plush blankets and cool, crisp ones. Saatva's organic cotton fabric is also sustainably sourced and Fair Trade certified.

What's the catch? For one thing, there's the price. Saatva's smallest option (a 12-pound weighted throw blanket) costs ~$475 CAD. For comparison, our biggest (the 35-pound King-size) is only $329 CAD. Saatva also gives you fewer size and weight options than any others we looked at. There's the throw blanket and the 20-pound Queen/King size - that's it.

If those limitations work for your body weight, and you love the sound of organic cotton velvet, you’ll probably be happy with the Saatva. Just be prepared to pay a premium price.

Shop Saatva blankets here

Best Knit Weighted Blanket - Bearaby Cotton Napper

A Bearaby Cotton Napper in Evening Rose color draped over a grey sofa.

If you're not crazy about the standard quilted look of most weighted blankets, you might appreciate the Bearaby. Its homespun, cable-knit appearance makes it pretty unique in this market, and it's available in a decent range of colors.

The Bearaby Napper is a knitted weighted blanket that contains no glass beads - no filling at all, in fact. Instead, it's heavy because of the sheer heft of its thick fabric. That's a plus in terms of weight distribution. With no internal material that can pile up in the corners, it maintains a uniform weight throughout.

This design does restrict the range of size and weight options, though. The Bearaby’s weight is 100% determined by the amount of fabric. So if you want, say, a 20-pound blanket, your only choice is the 45 x 72. Hush, meanwhile, has 20-pound blankets that fit a Twin or a Queen bed with room to spare.

Another drawback of a knit weighted blanket is that the cables often squish together and block the gaps. That makes it hotter and less breathable than it looks. And though the Bearaby Napper is machine-washable, it takes forever to dry because the cotton fabric soaks up so much water.

If you prefer a cool weighted blanket or one with more robust sizing options, we'd recommend going with Hush. But if you're okay with the heat and you're into the rustic style, you'll probably enjoy the Bearaby.

Shop Bearaby blankets here

Best Dual-Sided Weighted Blanket - Layla Weighted Blanket

A young woman holds a Layla Weighted Blanket over her shoulder.

Sporting the hexagonal pattern that’s become their trademark, Layla's weighted blanket has a futuristic flair. The company claims the six-sided pockets make for more evenly distributed filling, but we’re not sure why a honeycomb would be better than a grid for stability. Customers don’t seem to notice the difference either.

What really matters for weight distribution is the size of the pockets and the material inside them. In that regard, the Layla is similar to most other weighted blankets. The glass beads bunch up more than Hush's glass sand, but much less than plastic pellets.

The cool thing about the Layla weighted blanket is its dual-sided design. One face is covered with fleecy microfiber that's good when you want to get cozy. The other is a crisper-feeing cotton. You can switch between them depending on what you’re in the mood for. The entire blanket is machine-washable, which is another nice touch.

Unfortunately, the cotton side doesn't cool you down the way natural fibers normally do. Your body heat just gets trapped between the layers. If you tend to sleep hot, look for a better cooling weighted blanket.

Shop Layla blankets here

Best Cotton Weighted Blanket - Baloo Weighted Blanket

A white Baloo Weighted Blanket draped in a chair.

Baloo emphasizes their use of natural, chemical-free materials, right down to the plant-based dyes on their duvet covers (sold separately). Both the blanket and the inner liner are made of 100% cotton, and Baloo doesn’t use the usual polyester spray to anchor their glass beads.

But unlike Hush, they don’t have anything to replace that sticky filling. That means the beads in the Baloo weighted blanket have a fair amount of room to slide around, especially in the larger quilted pockets. This blanket is a little more prone to clumping than most.

On the plus side, the Baloo weighted blanket is machine-washable, dryer-safe, and fairly breathable. And its muted color palette has a nice minimalist vibe.

Baloo weighted blankets are less generous in terms of size than the Hush. And the glass bead fill won't stay quite as steady. But it’s a good weighted blanket for eco-conscious shoppers who don't mind those drawbacks.

Shop Baloo blankets here

Best Travel-Size Weighted Blanket - Casper Weighted Blanket

All four colors of Casper Weighted Blanket nicely folded and placed on top of each other.

If you've heard of Casper, you probably know them as a mattress company. However, they've also got a number of other sleep products, including this weighted throw blanket. It features a cotton cover that gives it a crisp feel and helps it breathe. The Casper won't wick heat away from your body like the Hush Iced 2.0, but it's cooler than many other weighted blankets.

Like all the best weighted blankets, the Casper has a glass bead filling that helps keep the weight even. And its polyester batting does a good job of keeping the beads quiet if they do shift around. We also like the earth-toned colors on offer.

One major limitation of the Casper weighted blanket is the range of options. At the moment, it only comes in one size: 50 x 70 inches. If you want a blanket to share with someone else, you can rule out the Casper. It's also limited to three weight options, between 10 and 20 pounds.

Shop Casper blankets here

Best Weighted Blanket for Extended Weight Range - YnM Original Cotton

A neatly folded YNM Original Weighted Blanket in Peachy Keen color variant.

YnM is the only weighted blanket company we've found that offers more weight options than we do. There are 13 different choices, ranging from a 7-pound blanket for kids to a 30-pound King size. If you can't find a YnM blanket that works for your body weight, you're not looking hard enough!

There are also several different styles of duvet cover, including a warm fleece-covered one and a cooler one made of bamboo fiber. Some of the sizes also come in a variety of colors and fun patterns. As a bonus, YnM’s prices are fairly affordable for a weighted blanket.

The quality leaves a little bit to be desired, though. The glass bead filling has a tendency to roll to the edges, making the blanket feel unbalanced. And the YnM weighted blanket doesn't work very well with its duvet cover. Customers found that the ties frequently came loose, allowing the blanket to get bunched up inside the outer shell.

Shop YnM blankets here

Best Tencel Weighted Blanket - Gravid Weighted Blanket

A folded Gravid Weighted Blanket with MicroPlush Cover in a white background.

Gravid's weighted blanket has a fairly standard construction, featuring a grid of stitched pockets filled with micro glass beads. What sets it apart is the blanket material - it's made of Tencel, a breathable fabric derived from eucalyptus fibers. Tencel is good for airflow and moisture absorption, so the Gravid is a decent option for those who tend to overheat at night.

It's also nice from an environmental perspective. Eucalyptus trees don't use much water, and they can grow on land that's not much good for anything else. That makes Tencel a fairly sustainable choice. And both the inner and outer layers of the Gravid blanket are machine washable.

However, Gravid does come with a substantial question mark in terms of durability. Lots of customers have reported that the beads sometimes leak out of the seams, even with no obvious rips. The company claims its 3.0 design is double-stitched and will last for a lifetime, but some of the complaints are from less than a year ago.

It's also worth noting that Gravid's sizes run a bit small. Their 60 x 80 Queen blanket, for example, will cover the top of a Queen size bed, but won’t drape over the edges at all. We like to give you a bit more room to wrap yourself up, which is why our Queen size is 80 x 87.

Shop Gravid blankets here

Best Budget Pick - Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket

A folded grey and white striped Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket.

Now for the most affordable weighted blanket on our list: the Luna. Shoppers on a tight budget will definitely want to look at this one. The biggest, heaviest Luna weighted blanket is only a little over $150 CAD. Plus, they're all Oeko-Tex Certified, indicating they’re sustainably produced and free of toxic materials.

Like the Gravid blanket, though, the Luna has durability problems. Quite a few reviewers said the stitching between the pockets breaks down easily, allowing the weighted beads to slide between them. This can leave the blanket feeling lopsided. Even if the pockets remain intact, they're larger than normal for a weighted blanket, with lots of room for the filling to shift and cluster.

If price is your main concern, then the Luna weighted blanket is worth a look. Otherwise, you should probably invest in one that will last longer.

Shop Luna blankets here

What Are The Benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

A couple lovingly cuddling in bed while covered in a grey Hush Classic Weighted Blanket.

If you're reading this article, you probably already know that weighted blankets are comfy and great for helping you fall asleep. But did you know they have many potential health benefits too?

The firm embrace of a weighted blanket provides a sensation that scientists call deep pressure stimulation. The human body responds to it the same way it would to a comforting hug. It dials down your fight-or-flight reflex, lowering your heart rate and soothing anxiety. Other perks include:

For a more detailed look at the advantages of sleeping with a weighted blanket, check out our full article on the benefits of weighted blankets.

How Much Should Your Weighted Blanket Weigh?

A weighted blanket can be incredibly comfortable, but if it's too heavy, it will feel like it's suffocating you. On the other hand, if it's too light, you won't get the full effect of its deep pressure stimulation.

Fortunately, there's a simple way to calculate how heavy your blanket should be. Simply choose one that's about 10% of your total body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, for instance, a 15-pound weighted blanket should be perfect.

It doesn't have to be dead-on to work well, of course. The same 15-pound blanket should also be comfortable and relaxing for someone who weighs 130 or 170 pounds. And remember that if you're using a larger blanket, the weight can spread out over a larger area. A 30-pound weighted blanket designed for couples can still work for a solo snuggle, as long as you don't pile the entire thing on top of you.

Finally, don't let our advice get in the way of your personal preference! You're the expert on your own comfort. Pick a lighter or heavier blanket if that's what you prefer.

Whatever size you choose, we think you'll be happiest with a Hush weighted blanket. They're more comfortable, more versatile, and better-constructed than any others you'll find. Start your 100-night sleep trial right away!