We’ve committed to giving back to our community since day one.

The Hush GiveBack Program

Hush’s roots started with working with kids with special needs who had trouble sleeping, and seeing how scientifically-backed products like weighted blankets helped them. Since then, we’ve continued with that goal in mind: to help the people who need it.

We make our products with high quality, eco-friendly materials and labour, because that matters. But we know not everyone can afford the cost that often comes with; so, we made the GiveBack program.

1. For every 5 Kids’ Weighted Blankets sold, we donate 1 to organizations that help children with special needs, poverty, or terminal illness.

2. For every 10 adult Weighted Blankets sold, we donate 1 to organizations that help the homeless, adults with disabilities, and others communities that need support.

3. Whenever we get a blanket returned that is in good, usable condition, we donate that too.

We’ve partnered with many Canadian organizations to get our products to people in need. If you know of an organization you think would work well with our GiveBack program, email danielle@hushblankets.com with their name and info! We’re always looking for ways to help more people.

Here’s some of our wonderful partners so far: