Can A Weighted Blanket Be Too Heavy?

Can A Weighted Blanket Be Too Heavy?

Let me guess, you’re wondering if a weighted blanket can be too heavy? You’re not alone—that is one of the most commonly asked question at Hush Blankets

After all, a weighted blanket is supposed to feel like a snuggling embrace from your mom—not like you’re being crushed under the unbearable weight of an elephant’s foot.

You want it to be “just right”

The optimal weight of your weighted blanket should be approximately 7-12% of your bodyweight. Why? Because in the words of Goldilocks, you don’t want a weighted blanket to be too heavy or too light—you want it to be “just right.”

Hang on, doesn’t “just right” seem kind of personal? Won’t some people prefer heavier pressure while others would rather have a lighter sensation? Absolutely! That’s why there’s a range of 7-12% so you can pick which weight feels most comfortable to you.

For example, let’s say you weigh 175 pounds.

7% of 175 lbs = 12.25 lbs

12% of 175 lbs = 21 lbs

Wow, that’s a range of approximately 9 pounds! In this case, you could try out the 12 lb Hush Classic Teen size blanket. Not enough weight? No problem. There’s a Hush Classic option in 15 lbs and 20 lbs too.

Allow us to be your nerdy math professor who has computed the calculations for you:

Your Body Weight (lbs) 7% 12%
60 lbs 4.2 lbs 7.2 lbs
80 lbs 5.6 lbs 9.6 lbs
100 lbs 7 lbs 12 lbs
120 lbs 8.4 lbs 14.4 lbs
140 lbs 9.8 lbs 16.8 lbs
160 lbs 11.2 lbs 19.2 lbs
180 lbs 12.6 lbs 21.6 lbs
200 lbs 14 lbs 24 lbs
220 lbs 15.4 lbs 26.4 lbs
240 lbs 16.8 lbs 28.8 lbs

And there’s no need to fret over the wrong weight. We give you 100 nights to channel your inner Goldilocks to find which weighted blanket is “just right” for you. Was the first one too heavy or too light? Just print off a return shipping label and send it our way, then try out another weight.

What does “just right” feel like?

We already mentioned that “just right” seems kind of personal. Goldilocks was instantly able to determine which porridge and chair and bed were the perfect fit for her. While you may not be able to tell which weighted blanket is “just right” in Goldilocks record time, you should be able to tell within a few nights. (Just in case, we give you up to 100 nights to figure it out.)

Can a weighted blanket be too heavy? While laying under your weighted blanket, you don’t want to feel:

  • Trapped
  • Suffocating
  • Claustrophobic
  • Restricted
  • More restless or anxious
  • Unable to sleep or increased insomnia

Can a weighted blanket be too heavy for my kids? Once you tuck your little ones into bed, you don’t want them complaining:

  • “I can’t roll over.”
  • “Take it off.”
  • “I can’t breathe.”
  • “I need to get out.”
  • “It feels too heavy.”
  • “It hurts.”

Instead, using a weighted blanket should make you feel:

  • Hugged
  • Comfortable and snug
  • Easily able to move or roll over
  • Relaxed and sleepy
  • Less anxious or stressed
  • Benefits of deep pressure therapy

You will know if your weighted blanket weight is “just right” when:

So, Can a Weighted Blanket Be Too Heavy?

You go to the gym and exercise with a ten pound dumbbell in each hand. That’s twenty pounds total. (By the way, you’re awesome for staying fit!)

But twenty pounds gripped between your fingers feels very different than having twenty pounds evenly distributed across your body while under a blanket.

Research suggests a 30 pound maximum blanket weight per person. We abide by this recommendation. However, we do offer one blanket which is 35 pounds, but it is a king size and is meant to be shared between two people (which equals about 17 pounds per person).

Can A Weighted Blanket Be Too Heavy For My Kids?

Parenthood has enough worries, and a weighted blanket that is too heavy shouldn’t be on that list. If you’re wondering if a weighted blanket is too heavy for your kids, we have two customized options for the next generation:

  1. A 5 pound kids blanket
  2. A 12 pound teen blanket

For most kids (who weigh at least 40 pounds) and teens, this will err on the lighter side, closer to 7% of their bodyweight.

Find out which blanket is “just right” for you

Let’s begin with this handy chart.

  1. Determine your bodyweight.
  2. See which blanket weight is suggested for your body weight range.
  3. Browse our Hush collections to find the perfect fit.
Your Weight (lbs) Blanket Weight (lbs) Suggested Weighted Blanket
40-70 lbs 5 lbs Hush Kids (5 lbs)
70-95 lbs 8 lbs Hush Throw (8 lbs)
95-115 lbs 12 lbs Hush Classic Teen size (12 lbs)
115-170 lbs 15 lbs Hush Classic Twin size (15 lbs)
170-240 lbs 20 lbs Hush Classic Twin size (20 lbs)
Hush Classic Queen size (20 lbs)
240+ lbs 25 lbs Hush Classic Queen size (25lbs)
For couples (each person 115-170 lbs) 30 lbs (15 lbs per person) Hush Classic Queen size (25 lbs)
Hush Classic King size (30 lbs)
For couples (each person 170+ lbs) 35 lbs (17.5 lbs per person) Hush Classic King size (35 lbs)

FAQ For a Weighted Blanket That Is “just right”

Have the bed to yourself? Our twin-sized weighted blankets are standard sized, perfect for an individual.

Have a snuggle buddy? Our queen and king-sized weighted blankets are magnificent for sharing with someone else.

Have a partner who is notorious for stealing blankets? Purchase two twin blankets for the ultimate experience...and so you can sleep all night long under the covers!

Have a habit of falling asleep on the couch? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our comfy and stylish throw blanket.

Tend to wake up warm and sweaty? That’s the worst. But our Iced blanket has a super soft, sweat-wicking fabric which keeps you cool all night long.

Have a teen who doesn’t want to be left out? Make them feel special with their very own teen weighted blanket.

Desperate for your kids to sleep through the night? They will stay in dreamland a little longer under our kids weighted blankets decked out in rocket ships and unicorns. (And if your kids get sweaty under the sheets just like you, we made them an iced option too!)

P.S. Parents, this blog might be helpful: 5 reasons why your child isn’t sleeping through the night, and why a weighted blanket might be the solution. (You’re welcome.)

What are you waiting for? A good night of sleep awaits under a weighted blanket

You asked if there was such a thing as a weighted blanket that was too heavy. And the answer is yes, of course. (Remember that layering weighted blankets into the “world’s heaviest turtle shell” is a bad idea...)

However, there is a weighted blanket that is “just right” for you! Determine your body weight and then select one of our recommended Hush Blankets. If your experience isn’t unrivaled and sensational, you’re not stuck with it. You have 100 nights to find a weighted blanket that feels “just right”—and if not, swap it out for your perfect fit. Check out our Classic Hush Blanket today.