Casper Hyperlite Sheets Review and Other Bamboo Sheets for 2023

Casper Hyperlite sheets on bed

Casper is well-known for their mattresses, but they also make a variety of high-quality bed sheets. Perhaps the most unique of these are the Casper Hyperlite sheets, designed to be as lightweight as possible. But how well do the Casper sheets actually perform, and how do they stack up against other sheets?

In this article, we’ll give you a full Casper Hyperlite sheets review, and we’ll tell you how they compare to similar sheets.

Hush: The Affordable Alternative to Casper

Stack of Hush Iced 2.0 cooling bamboo sheets

We know you came here to read about Casper Hyperlite sheets, so we’ll keep this brief. But if you’re like most people, what you really want is the best product for the most affordable price. Who wouldn’t want a product of similar quality that’s substantially less expensive?

At Hush, we make some of the best bamboo sheets on the market. These are luxury sheets without the luxury price tag. Our sheets are made from 100% bamboo viscose and are naturally cooling, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic, not to mention as soft as butter. And with every wash, they’ll only get softer: just machine wash cold, dry on low heat or hang dry, and you’re all set.

But unlike other luxury bamboo sheets, ours don’t come with the luxury price tag. Whereas a standard set of Casper Hyperlite queen sheets that comes with a duvet cover will cost $338, a queen set of Hush Iced 2.0 bamboo sheets is just $169. Our sheets are only slightly heavier than the Casper Hyperlite sheets, and ideal for all different types of sleepers.

But if your heart is set on those ultra lightweight sheets from Casper, not to worry — we’ll cover those next.

Casper Hyperlite Sheets Review

Stack of Casper Hyperlite sheets in white color

For this review, we’ll first talk about how the sheets are made. Then we’ll explain who we think will like them best, and who might prefer Hush sheets.

Casper Sheets Review: Materials

Casper Hyperlite sheets are made from tencel lyocell bamboo. This is a different manufacturing process than the one used to make viscose or rayon bamboo, but the end result is a very similar bamboo fabric. The main difference is that lyocell is a little more absorbent than viscose, and it drapes a little more easily.

The thread count for these sheets is 200. That may not sound like much, but keep in mind this is what gives the sheets their “Hyperlite” name. These are super lightweight and breathable sheets, and it wouldn’t be possible to make such lightweight sheets with a significantly higher thread count.

In fact, it’s a bit of a myth that thread count correlates with quality. The quality of the fabric itself is much more important than the thread count number. A low thread count sheet made from a high quality fabric will be softer and more luxurious than a high thread count sheet made from low quality fabric.

Casper Sheets Review: Who They’re Best For

Casper Hyperlite sheets are highly-rated, but they’re really ideal for specific types of people. In this section, we’ll tell you who we think might like these sheets best.

Very Hot Sleepers and Those Who Live in Hot Climates

Because these sheets are so lightweight, they’re really best for people who have a tendency to sleep extra hot. If you constantly find yourself cranking up the air conditioner, turning on your fan, and/or shedding layers at night — or if you live in a very hot climate — these are the sheets for you. Compared to the average set, they’ll keep you much cooler. They’re one of the coolest sheets on the market, with their ultralight fabric.

People Who Sweat Excessively At Night

Ever wake up at night covered in sweat? If this is a regular occurrence for you, bamboo sheets are one of your best options. They’re more breathable, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying than cotton sheets, making them a great option to help reduce the uncomfortable effects of night sweats.

While any bamboo sheets can work well for those who sweat at night, the Casper Hyperlite sheets are an especially good option, since they’re made with bamboo lyocell. This type of bamboo fabric is more absorbent than other types. Plus, the unique grid weave makes these sheets extra breathable, making the Casper Hyperlite sheets one of the best options for keeping you dry at night.

Anyone Who Loves Breathable Fabrics

Maybe none of the above describes you, but you just really like the idea of super light, breathable fabric. The biggest complaint most people have about the Casper Hyperlite sheets is actually that they’re too light and insubstantial, i.e. there’s not much weight to them. But if you prefer sheets without much weight, then you’ll love these.

Anyone Who Cares About the Environment

Bamboo sheets are made from — you guessed it! — bamboo. As a natural resource, bamboo is highly sustainable and renewable. It grows quickly, it doesn’t require pesticides, so it’s naturally organic, and it doesn’t even need that much water.

Of all the different types of bamboo fabrics, bamboo lyocell is actually the most environmentally-friendly, as it requires the least amount of processing. This makes the Casper Hyperlite sheets one of the best options for those who prefer environmentally-friendly products.

Casper Hyperlite vs Hush: Who Might Prefer Hush

Woman sleeping in bed with Hush Iced Cooling Sheet and Pillowcase Set

While Casper Hyperlite sheets are popular, they’re not for everyone. In this section, we’ll talk about who might prefer the bamboo sheets from Hush. As you’ll soon see, we’re confident just about anyone will love Hush sheets.

Hot and Cold Sleepers Alike

While the Casper Hyperlite sheets are really best for those who sleep extra hot, our Hush bamboo sheets have the advantage of working well for everyone. Hush sheets are thermo-regulating, meaning they’ll cool you down if you’re too hot, but they’ll also warm you up if you’re too cold.

This makes our sheets super convenient for those who live in climates that vary substantially year-round, or anyone who alternates between sleeping hot and sleeping cold. Hot sleepers are often happy to report that these cooling sheets help them avoid getting overheated, but they have enough substance that they won’t make you too cold.

This is also especially advantageous for couples: If you’re a hot sleeper sharing a bed with a cold sleeper (or vice versa), you can rest assured that you’ll both love these sheets.

People Who Love Super Soft Fabric

While the Casper Hyperlite sheets are often described as very soft, they’re so lightweight that there’s very little substance to them. Those who really prefer softer fabrics may be a little disappointed with these thin sheets.

If you’re after the softest bamboo sheets on the market, you may be happier going with the buttery-soft sheets from Hush, which are significantly softer than most traditional sheets. Our Hush bamboo sheets are also lightweight, but they have enough substance that you can really cuddle up with them, and feel that softness all night. Our customers describe our sheets as super soft, smooth, and calming.

People Who Want the Best Deal Possible

While the Casper Hyperlite sheets are overall a good deal, Hush sheets are less expensive. As we’ve already seen, a standard set of Casper Hyperlite queen sheets with a duvet cover is $338, while a queen set of Hush Iced 2.0 bamboo sheets is just $169.

You do have the option of buying the Casper Hyperlite sheets without the duvet cover — i.e. just the fitted sheet, top sheet, and two pillowcases. These are all the items that come with a set of Hush sheets as well. If you go with just one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases from Casper, a set of queen Hyperlite sheets will cost $179. Even then, Hush sheets are still less expensive at $169.

So regardless of which set of sheets you choose from the Casper Hyperlite collection, you’ll be getting a better deal if you go with Hush.

Anyone Who Likes Lots of Color Options

Casper Hyperlite sheets come in five color options: black, white, gray, fog blue, or dusty rose. All are of a similarly muted color palette — no bright colors here. Those who want more color options may prefer to look elsewhere.

By contrast, Hush sheets have a total of eight color options — some vibrant, some muted, and just enough for anyone to find the perfect shade to complement their bedroom. With Hush, you get to choose from white, gray, charcoal, arctic blue, navy, iced latte (light yellow), blush (light pink), and sage (light green).

As you’ll see from looking at the reviews of our sheets, customers love the way they look and often describe them as beautiful. Many people order the sheets in multiple colors.

Anyone Who Prefers to Buy From Canadian Companies

Hush is a Canadian company, whereas Casper is an American company. While both companies ship for free in the U.S. and Canada, customers who live in or near Canada — or who just prefer Canadian products — will probably want to go with Hush.