Cosy House Bamboo Sheets Review

Bed with cream-colored sheets

If you've been looking into bamboo bed sheets after hearing about their many benefits, there's a good chance you've come across the Luxury Series from Cosy House. They sound like a great deal on paper, but are they really as soft and cool as their website claims? Many Cosy House bamboo sheets reviews seem like they're simply repeating what the company says about its sheets.

This article will go beyond the basics to give you an honest, in-depth appraisal of Cosy House sheets. Our assessment is based on the lessons we learned designing our own luxury bamboo sheets. The search for the softest, coolest, most durable bedding led us to factories across the globe, where we tested hundreds of different fabrics and finishes.

We learned more than we ever thought possible about making bamboo bed sheets, and we brought those lessons into our Cosy House sheets review.

Here’s the broad-strokes version: Cosy House sheets are as snuggly as you’d expect from the name, but the substantial amount of polyester in the fabric makes them less than ideal for hot sleepers.

There are also some concerns with durability, as lots of customers have had issues with the fabric pilling and the colors running or fading. They’re not bad if you’re after soft, reasonably budget-friendly bedding. But we wouldn’t count them among our top-rated sheets.

Cosy House Sheets: Overview

Stack of Cosy Home's Luxury Bed Sheets and Pillowcases in Turquoise color.

We'll begin with the basics: what do you get when you order a set of Cosy House bamboo bed sheets? Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

They come in a wide range of sizes, including a split king option for those with a two-piece mattress. The Cosy House collection also offers 13 different color choices, including fun options like dark teal, sage green, and navy blue.

The fitted sheet has a 16-inch-deep pocket, meaning it should fit mattresses up to 16 inches thick. There are also elastic straps at the corners to help anchor the sheet in place.

Though the company describes them as "luxury bamboo sheets," the fine print reveals that Cosy House sheets are actually 60% polyester microfiber and only 40% bamboo rayon (also known as bamboo viscose). That means that instead of being fully derived from natural fibers, they're mostly plastic.

Microfiber is soft and stain-resistant, but it lacks some of the important benefits of bamboo, and marketing these as "bamboo bed sheets” seems like a bit of an exaggeration. We'll talk more about the differences between microfiber and bamboo sheets below, because they bear directly on several important quality markers.

How Soft Are Cosy House Sheets?

A woman resting her face against a sheet.

Comfort is arguably the most important quality bed sheets can have. It's also one of the trickiest to pin down, because different people may have very different texture preferences.

Most customers agree that the Cosy House sheet sets feel soft to the touch. This isn't the silky, shimmery softness you might expect if you've tried other bamboo sheets, though. As we noted, the bulk of the fabric is microfiber, which has a more plush, cottony feel. It's also more elastic than bamboo viscose, causing the sheets to drape more snugly around your body.

In other words, if you like the ultra-smooth texture of luxury bamboo sheets, the Cosy House collection probably isn't for you. But if you prefer the cozy hug of microfiber, these sheets might be right up your alley.

Will Cosy House Sheets Keep You Cool?

A sleeping man with sweaty face.

One major advantage of bamboo bed sheets is that they help you stay cool at night. The fibers are filled with tiny pores that allow air to flow through, carrying away your body heat. They're also moisture-wicking, so they can pull sweat away from your skin. Cosy House emphasizes this benefit in their marketing, saying "our bamboo viscose fabric’s breathable and temperature regulating properties help circulate airflow ... for a cooler sleep every time."

You've probably already guessed our issue with this: Cosy House sheets are only 40% bamboo rayon. The rest is microfiber, which is a much less breathable fabric. Polyester microfiber is woven very tightly, leaving little room for airflow. As a result, Cosy House sheets are not nearly as cool as a set made entirely from bamboo, like our Iced 2.0 bedding.

On the plus side, microfiber is a fairly lightweight fabric. If you're used to denser polyester bedding, the Cosy House sheet sets may feel cooler since they don't weigh you down as much. But there are numerous reviews on the Cosy House website saying that the sheets didn't do much to keep them cool. There are many other sheets which are better for hot sleepers.

How Durable Are Cosy House Sheets?

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If you're going to pay for luxury bamboo bed sheets, you want them to last you a long time. Do you need to worry about your Cosy House sheet set pilling up or tearing?

Bamboo sheets have excellent pilling resistance, thanks to the natural strength of their plant-based fibers. Sadly, the same can't be said about microfiber, which has extremely fine threads that make it super-soft but snag and break easily. Snapped fibers tend to bunch up, forming the tiny lumps of fabric we call "pills."

This is less likely if you wash your sheets in cold water and tumble dry on a gentle cycle. Still, there are lots of complaints from buyers who followed all the care instructions and still found their Cosy House sheets pilling after just a few wash cycles. There are also quite a few reports of ripped sheets or torn seams.

One other issue that came up frequently in reviews was the dye running in the wash. Many people said that the colors of their Cosy House bedding quickly faded, sometimes staining their other laundry.

A number of reviewers said that they had bought Cosy House sheet sets several years ago and were pleased with how well they held up — only to be disappointed when they purchased another set recently and found it quickly pilling, fading, or tearing.

It's possible that the company has changed their manufacturing process or switched suppliers in the last few years, with the durability suffering as a result. Whatever the reason, we can't confidently recommend the Cosy House Collection for longevity.

Are Cosy House Sheets Good For The Planet?

A lush bamboo forest with space for walking in the middle.

For many shoppers, the main selling point of bamboo sheets is that they're eco-friendly. As Cosy House states on their site, "bamboo is one of the fastest-growing renewable sources on the planet and uses less water than cotton."

That's true, but it doesn't tell the whole story. Though bamboo can be grown and processed in an environmentally friendly way, not all farmers go this route. Some still use pesticides to improve yields or clear away older forests to make room for bamboo plantations. Cosy House doesn't say whether the bamboo they use is organically grown, which generally means it isn't.

Meanwhile, the microfiber that makes up the majority of the bedding is a completely synthetic material derived from petroleum. When you wash it, tiny scraps break off and wind up in the environment, contributing to the growing ecological problem of microplastic pollution. In short, if you're in the market for sustainable sheets, there are many better options.

Pricing and Customer Service For Cosy House Sheets

Purple fabric bag packaging of Cosy House Luxury Bed Sheets.

Cosy House bedding is more affordable than you might expect for luxury bamboo bed sheets. That's one advantage of blending them with microfiber, which is a substantially less expensive fabric.

The base price for a Queen-sized Cosy House sheet set is $169.95, but they're often discounted to less than half that. Compare that to the prices charged by one of their top competitors, Cozy Earth (yes, people confuse the names a lot). Cozy Earth asks $369 for a Queen-sized set. Their sheets are fully bamboo rayon, so the price difference isn’t as striking as it seems at first glance, but the savings with Cosy House are still decent.

The company will waive the shipping fee on purchases of $50 or more, which includes all of their sheet sets. Keep in mind that this only applies to standard shipping, which is a 5-7 day delivery window. Expedited shipping (2-3 business days) costs $9.95, while priority shipping (1-2 business days) is $14.95

Cosy House also has a good reputation for customer service. Many of the buyers who had issues with the sheets pilling or ripping said they were able to return them for a full refund with minimal hassle. The company offers a 2-year extended warranty for an extra $6.95.

Cosy House and Canadian Customers

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Bad news for shoppers based in Canada: Cosy House doesn't currently have international shipping. Their website says they're hoping to implement it soon, but for now, it's not possible to buy directly from the company.

There are some retailers operating in Canada that carry the Cosy House Collection, most notably Amazon and Walmart. However, they don't offer the free shipping perk that you get when buying direct. On the other hand, Amazon can estimate the import duties and collect a deposit at checkout so that you won't be blindsided by an added fee.

Who Might Like Cosy House Sheets?

A bed with rumpled Cosy House Luxury Bed Sheets in cream color.

Should you buy Cosy House sheets? You may enjoy them if you like the stretchy, snuggly softness of microfiber bedding but want something a little more breathable than an all-polyester sheet set. We'd advise waiting for a sale, because you can often get them heavily discounted.

But if you're after the silky texture and cooling power of bamboo sheets, you'll probably prefer the Iced 2.0 sheets by Hush. They're made entirely from organic bamboo fabric with the highest possible grade of pilling resistance. Not only are they more breathable than Cosy House sheets, but they'll also last you longer. Start your 100-night sleep trial today and experience how much better sleep can be with true luxury bamboo sheets.