10 Best Gifts for People With Anxiety: Help Loved Ones Relax

gifts for people with anxiety: Two girls chatting while sitting on a couch with blankets
gifts for people with anxiety: Two girls chatting while sitting on a couch with blankets

If you have a
loved one who suffers from chronic anxiety or increased overall anxiety since the pandemic started, you probably would love to help them feel better. The perfect gift shows you care and supports their mental health and wellness. Several gift ideas are both beautiful and functional. 

Here’s a list of 10 great gifts for people with anxiety.

“Since I often feel anxious, using this amazing blanket helps immensely. I get a full night sleep and feel great in the morning!”


10 Gifts for People With Anxiety

gifts for people with anxiety: Smiling woman looking at the camera while holding a mug

Choosing gifts for people with anxiety doesn’t need to be complicated. For the best gifts, look for something that they would enjoy using that also helps to increase calming hormones, like serotonin. You can also look for gifts that help them diminish the strength of their anxiety symptoms.

1. Tea

A soothing cup of tea is a wonderful way to ease tension and anxiety. According to Nature.com, the antioxidants in tea can produce a calming effect.

Make sure you go for herbal teas — they are naturally decaffeinated. Since caffeine is a stimulant, it can increase feelings of anxiety. Chamomile and peppermint are two decaffeinated teas that work well for many people to help soothe anxiety because they have a calming effect

To level up the gift, you could include a personalized mug and a cute kea kettle. Tea sets also make great gifts to make tea-drinking feel like a special event. 

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When I received mine, my 6-year-old claimed it as his. The only blanket he will use now. We both have anxiety Nd trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, sleep with our hush blanket, no problems all night. Even the Tea-cup Yorkie terrier likes being under it.


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When I received mine, my 6-year-old claimed it as his. The only blanket he will use now. We both have anxiety Nd trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, sleep with our hush blanket, no problems all night. Even the Tea-cup Yorkie terrier likes being under it.


2. Journal

Writing through emotions has long been used to reduce anxiety. The physical act of writing can help externalize negative thoughts that feel bigger in your mind than on the page. It can also help you start a dialogue with yourself that leads to better understanding of exactly what you’re anxious about. Then, you can decide if those causes are as scary as you think and if you should prioritize solutions instead of ruminating.. 

There are journals for everybody. If the person you’re buying for is new to journaling, consider a journal with prompts to help them get started or even a preformatted anxiety journal. You can also include a nice set of colored pens in the gift too.

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Deep Pressure Stimulation

3. Spa Bath Kits

A steaming, hot bath is a great way for people to relax, so spa bath kits make great gifts for people with anxietyThe hot water can loosen tense muscles, and the “weightless” feeling of being in the bath can help increase feelings of peace and calm. 

A spa bath kit increases these feelings by engaging other senses. The scent and luxurious feel of the soap can help slow down the mind, which eases tension and anxiety. 

Spa bath kits are also fairly simple to turn into a beautiful gift basket. Include bath bombs and bath salts, and you've got a lovely, thoughtful gift.

4. Adult Coloring Books

Coloring can reduce anxious feelings because they help you concentrate. The focus helps take your mind off of what is worrying you, which makes adult coloring books great gifts for people with anxiety. 

Coloring books can have simple designs or complex and intricate ones. They are often themed too, so if the person you’re buying for has a particular interest, you can probably find a coloring book that matches. 

Also, think about getting colored pencils or fine-tipped markers to help them dive into coloring. You could even go old-school and get them a new box of crayons!

5. Weighted Blanket

gifts for people with anxiety: Woman sleeping with a smile on her face

Weighted blankets
make great gifts for people with anxiety. Lots of people who suffer from anxiety also have trouble sleeping. A weighted blanket can help with both at the same time. The blanket surrounds you with gentle pressure, like a really good hug. That pressure slows your breathing and heart rate. 

Then, your brain releases serotonin, which is a feel-good chemical. An increase in serotonin helps you feel calmer. Plus, the slower breathing and heart rate will help you fall asleep faster and get better sleep. High-quality sleep can help ease the symptoms of anxiety.

Weighted throws can also provide stress relief during a self-care routine. Someone can toss it on while journaling and sipping peppermint tea.

6. Worry Stones or Baoding Balls

Worry stones and Baoding balls work in a similar way to ease anxiety. When you rub or juggle the worry stones and Baoding balls, your attention shifts from focusing on what is causing your anxiety to the repetitive action. This can be soothing, much like how some people use fidget spinners, fidget cubes, or stress balls

Worry stones or Baoding balls are also great alternatives to other nervous, fidgety behavior that create bad habits, like biting your nails.

7. Lavender Lotion, Body Mist, or Essential Oil

One of the main properties of lavender is its ability to calm and soothe. That’s what makes lavender lotion, body mist, and essential oils great gifts for people with anxiety. 

Plus, using the lotion, mist, or oil on your hands and wrists means you have the scent on your pulse points. This way, the aromatherapy travels with you — just a whiff can help calm your nerves and help you de-stress.

If you go with the essential oils, look for a roll-on, or include an essential oil diffuser with your gift.

8. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Man listening to music with his eyes closed

Is there anything worse than obnoxious sounds when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed? If someone you care about suffers from anxiety, those sounds could be making their symptoms worse. 

You can help them out by getting them great noise-canceling headphones — one of the best gifts for people with anxiety who are sensitive to sounds. The headphones can create a haven of peace, no matter if they’re on a busy train or surrounded by loud officemates.

The headphones can also serve double-duty by letting a person tune in to music or podcasts that help calm them even more. 

9. Meditation Pillow

Meditation and mindfulness help with so much, including relieving stress and anxiety. According to Psychology Today, during meditation, you stop “self-referential thought processes,” or feedback loops that keep your anxiety levels high. 

But sitting for even a few minutes on a hard floor or yoga mat can get uncomfortable. That’s where meditation pillows come in. A pillow can help your loved-one stay comfortable and in a neutral position as they meditate. Plus, many meditation pillows are absolutely beautiful additions to any decor. 

Meditation apps can help you develop a consistent practice, too.

10. Deep Tissue Massager

Anyone who has suffered from anxiety knows that tight muscles are often among the symptoms. A deep tissue massager can help work out the tension from tight muscles. As the muscles relax and blood flow increases, cortisol levels decrease. Some people can use their easing tension to visualize releasing their anxiety. To do it, you inhale, and on the exhale, you “watch” your anxiety leave through your breath. Deep tissue massagers make good gifts because there are so many styles and strengths, including some with heating pads. You’ll find something that fits your loved one

Support Your Loved One’s Wellness

Smiling man with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders while outdoors

is an art, and it doesn't have to be difficult to find an anxiety relief gift for your loved one or family member. A great anxiety gift will help relieve stress and can even limit extreme symptoms, like panic attacks

One of the best gifts for people with anxiety is a weighted blanket. Not only do they help ease anxiety — they can help everyone relax after a stressful day. With the gift of a weighted blanket, they can increase their well-being.