How to Choose The Best High Thread Count Sheets in Canada for 2023

A couple smiles on a bed while snuggling under Hush sheets and blankets.

If you’ve asked your friends what sheets are the best, chances are you’ve heard it’s all about thread count. Some of us even have that one pal who says they simply could not sleep on anything less than their 1500-thread count sheets of Egyptian cotton.

There is, of course, much more that goes into finding a high-quality set of sheets than simply the “TC” number on the label. What those threads are made of, how they’re put together, and how long they’ll last are all qualities that can have a huge impact as well.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you make sense of it all. In this article, we’ll take a look at these factors and how they affect how comfortable a set of sheets is. We’ll also share what we think are some of the best brands to look for when shopping for the best high thread count sheets in Canada.

(Of course, if you’d rather just skip to what we think the best set is, by all means, click here.)

What To Look For When You’re Sheet Shopping

A couple sleeping under a set of white Hush sheets.

While it’s a factor, high thread count isn’t everything when it comes to sheets. In fact, after a certain point, more threads per square inch don’t add much in terms of comfort, and can even make a set of sheets more prone to tearing.

There’s also the fact that some companies are a little less than honest about how many threads are actually woven into their fabric, and it’s clear that 1000 thread count sheets aren’t as great as they’re advertised to be. That hypothetical friend we mentioned earlier who brags about their 1500-thread count sheets really just bought into a marketing ploy.

If high thread counts shouldn’t be your number one concern when comparing products, what other factors should you look for when comparing high thread count sheets?

Turns out there are a few better measures to look at:

  • The weave is one thing to consider. Most sheets are either a crisp and cool percale or a soft and silky sateen (sometimes called satin) weave. We’ll spend a little more time talking about those terms later in the article, but each one has their benefits and drawbacks. The weave also affects what the ideal thread count is for a set of sheets.
  • The material used to make the sheets is important, too. Whether they’re made of luxurious Egyptian cotton, breathable bamboo, or a blend of other fabrics can make a huge difference in terms of how comfy a set of sheets are.
  • It's also crucial to think about whether or not the sheets are made well, with reliable sourcing and manufacturing processes. A company that’s transparent about their practices and committed to sustainability is one that likely makes a set of sheets that won't keep you up at night — literally or figuratively.

You’ll want to keep in mind little details like the finishing process, too. (We take this to the next level with our sheets using a unique process that makes them extra soft and durable, but we’ll get into that later.)

We get it: this is a lot to keep track of while comparing the many different brands that are out there. We’ve done the hard part for you though, by assembling a list of the best high thread count sheets Canadians have to choose from.

The Best High Thread Count Sheets

Hush Iced 2.0

A woman sleeps soundly on navy blue Hush sheets.

Surprise surprise, we think our Iced 2.0 sheet set is the best choice. Stay with us, though, we’ve got some pretty good reasons to back this up!

First things first, our silky smooth, sateen weave sheets have a thread count of 300. That might seem fairly low if you’ve done some outside research or even compared it to the thread counts of the other sets in this article.

But here’s the thing: our special roll finishing process, unique in the industry, lets our sheets defy thread count. Our pressed finish uses parts of each individual thread that are normally discarded to fill gaps in the weave.

This special process makes our bed sheets feel as smooth and luxurious as those with much higher thread counts while still maintaining the breathability that lower thread counts allow.

Our finish isn’t the only thing we do well; we start strong, too. Our Iced 2.0 sheets are made entirely from organic bamboo, a material known for its cooling and natural antimicrobial properties. We're careful about the quality of our bamboo, so much so that we won’t buy bamboo that has been harvested in the summer because it’s less durable.

Another small detail we thought of: sateen weave sheets like ours are so silky that they can easily slide off the bed. To keep that little annoyance at bay, we designed a harnessing system for our fitted sheet that keeps it securely in place. You’ll never wake up with our sheets halfway off the mattress.

The Hush Iced 2.0 sheets are also OEKO-TEX certified, which means they’re free from harsh chemicals and use sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing process.

We’re so confident that we’ve got the best sheets of any thread count that we offer a 30-night sleep trial on our sheets. There’s no real risk to trying them out — if our sheets aren’t right for you, send them back within 30 days and we’ll send you a refund, no questions asked.

If you’re ready to change up your sleep game and start resting easy, check out our sheets today. We’re a proudly Canadian company, and our sheets ship free across the country.

Nestwell Egyptian Cotton Sateen

A woman smiles while sitting on a bed under gray Nestwell sheets.

Putting the “Bed” in “Bed, Bath & Beyond,” the brand’s Nestwell Egyptian Cotton Sateen sheets have become quite popular recently. As their name suggests, they’re made with a sateen weave and feature a 625 thread count.

The sheets are made with long-staple Egyptian cotton fibers, resulting in a soft and durable product that gets softer over time. Nestwell’s sheets have been certified as environmentally friendly and socially responsible by OEKO-TEX.

Some reviewers have reported fraying and loose threads after washing the sheets only once or twice. This might be because 625 is a pretty high thread count for sheets of this style.

Nestwell’s fitted sheet is elasticized with a slip guard to keep it securely in place on mattresses up to 18 inches in diameter. These sheets could be a good choice for someone looking for high-quality, environmentally friendly sheets with a luxurious feel.


A stack of folded Luxome sheets in beige color.

Luxome’s sateen sheets have a thread count of 400, which is in the range of good thread counts for this weave style. The sheets are made from bamboo, and while whether they're organic or not isn’t specified, they do have the OEKO-TEX certification.

Looking through reviews, customers have mentioned the sheets are quite smooth and comfortable. As a set of bamboo sheets, they should be relatively breathable compared to cotton sheets. Some say they can be almost too silky, though, often falling off the bed during the night.

This sheet set is a perfectly good choice with a good thread count for the type of sheet it is, but could present issues if you move around a lot in your sleep.

Sweet Zzz

A woman lays across a bed made with gold colored Sweet Zzz sheets holding a pillow.

Sweet Zzz’s sheet set is made of 100% organic bamboo viscose. It’s woven in the sateen style and sports a 400 thread count. As with the Luxome set, this is a good thread count for sheets of this style.

Sweet Zzz’s sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, which is a good sign if you're looking for eco-friendly, sustainable bedding. On the other hand, some customer reviews have noted that durability might be a concern with these sheets. They've reported fraying after just a few washes and elastic on the fitted sheet that weakens relatively quickly.

Plenty of people enjoy these sheets, but if durability is important to you when comparing sheets, you might want to consider other options in light of these reviews.

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

A bed made with Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet set. There's a side table on one side of the bed and a tall plant on the other.

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set has a sateen weave and a thread count of 480. These sheets are made of 100% long-staple cotton, making them silky soft to the touch.

The higher thread count means that they might be a bit more prone to tearing and not be as breathable as some other sheets. Indeed, some customers have reported issues with pilling and tearing over time.

On the other hand, many other folks absolutely love these bed sheets. These mixed durability reviews suggest if you go with the Brooklinen set, you should be very mindful in following the care instructions.

Silk and Snow Egyptian Cotton Sheets

A bed made with Silk & Snow sheets with a green quilt hanging off one side of the bed.

The Silk and Snow Egyptian Cotton Sheets feature a sateen weave and have a thread count of 300. While this is a bit lower than some others on this list, it’s still definitely within the range of good counts for this style.

Made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, Silk & Snow’s sheet set is certified by the Cotton Egypt Association. The company is incredibly transparent about their cotton's journey from field to sheet, even naming the Portuguese families who help produce the fabric.

The long-staple cotton should make these sheets durable and soft, however, some reviewers have mentioned issues with the stitching's durability and complained that the finish wasn’t as soft as they expected.

The majority of people find these sheets to be a great choice, though. They could be a good option for people who want comfortable sheets with a side of supply chain transparency.

Egyptian Linens Solid 600 Thread Count Sheet Set

A bed made with a set of Egyptian Linen sheets in burgundy.

The Egyptian Linens Solid 600 Thread Count Sheet Set boasts a high thread count of 600 and a sateen weave. Although the company has "Egyptian" in its name, a close look through their site reveals they don't specify if the cotton they use is actually Egyptian. It could very well be that they use a different, less expensive cotton in their sheets, but it’s hard to tell from the outside.

Reviews of this set are mixed, with some saying they're soft and comfortable while others say they wrinkle easily. With such a high thread count, they likely aren't as breathable as some of the others on this list.

The sourcing and manufacturing process behind these sheets is not well documented, so if that’s important to you, other sheets may be a better option.

Kotn Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Set

A bed made with Kotn sheets against a white exposed brick wall with a houseplant in the foreground.

The Kotn Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Set features a sateen weave and a respectable thread count of 400. It's made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton that's sustainably sourced through direct partnerships with farmers and textile producers in Egypt.

Since these sheets are made of high quality fabric, you can expect durability and a softer feel over time. Indeed, most reviews say they’re high quality and comfortable, with the only recurring complaint concerning the lack of stretch when fitting them on some beds.

It's worth mentioning that this set only includes the fitted sheet and pillowcase. The flat sheet is sold separately, which can add to the cost if you’re looking for a complete sheet set.

Kotn is based in Toronto, which is another plus for Canadians looking to support homegrown businesses.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

A person's hands laying a driftwood-colored Cozy Earth top sheet on top of a bed that's out of frame.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set boasts a sateen weave, a thread count of 300, and the blessing of Oprah herself, who dubbed them the “softest ever.” The sheets are made with organic bamboo, which adds a silkiness to their feel that customer reviews often mention.

Cozy Earth says they have strong partnerships with suppliers throughout the manufacturing process and values fair labor practices, high quality, and sustainability. These are all great values, though unlike some of the other sheets on this list, Cozy Earth doesn’t appear to carry the OEKO-TEX certification backing up their claims.

While reviews are generally positive, some mention that these sheets may not be the most durable and can start to pill or tear after just a few washes. Also, they can apparently be prone to staining from certain skincare products, even when used hours before bed.

If the Daytime Queen has never led you astray before, Cozy Earth’s sheet set could be a great option, though there are others on this list with a bit better durability you may want to consider.

Homebird Cool & Crisp Percale Fitted Sheet Set

A bed made with Homebird Percale Sheets in sage green. The side table next to the bed holds artwork and a decorative plant.

The Homebird Cool & Crisp Percale Fitted Sheet Set is made from 100% long staple organic cotton and is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. It’s the only sheet set on this list with a percale weave, and with a thread count of 300 it’s at the level considered to be optimal for that style.

Reviews back that up, praising the high quality of these sheets and saying they live up to their name by feeling crisp, cool, and smooth to the touch. People also have good things to say about Homebird’s durability, with the high-quality cotton, simple weave, and reasonable thread count helping these sheets to last.

The company provides extensive information about its supply chain, including a detailed map of every specific part of it. Their cotton is sourced and manufactured directly from India and is fair trade certified. The company also claims to not use any harsh chemicals or pesticides in manufacturing their sheets.

Homebird is a Canadian company based in Vancouver. At the end of the day, Homebird is probably among the best options on the market for a great set of sheets.

What to Keep In Mind When You’re Comparing High Thread Count Sheets

Close up of a Hush Iced 2.0 fitted sheet in cool arctic blue color.

Earlier we talked about how there are several factors that can impact the overall quality and comfort of a sheet set. Weave, thread count, material, quality, and finish are all important aspects to keep in mind when comparing different sheet sets.

Let's dive into each of these factors in a little more detail:


The weave of a sheet refers to the way the threads are interlaced to create the fabric. The two most common weaves in sheets are percale and sateen.

Percale sheets use a simple, one-over-one-under weave, meaning the horizontal and vertical threads interlace once. Percale sheets are also known for their cool, crisp feel, making them a popular choice for warm weather or those who prefer a cooler sleep environment.

Sateen sheets use a three (or four)-over-one weave, meaning that each vertical thread is woven over four horizontal threads. This more complex style results in a smoother and softer feel than percale, along with a subtle sheen.

Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. As we mentioned earlier here, there’s a common misconception that a high thread count equals high quality. In fact, the opposite is often true!

While the perfect thread count can vary depending on the fabric, the sweet spot for thread count tops out at around 500 TC for percale weave sheets and around 600 for sateen weave sheets.

Beyond those numbers, you’ll find there isn’t really a noticeable difference in terms of feel among sheets. And even higher thread counts can introduce issues with the sheets, making them more prone to ripping due to their tighter weave amplifying any friction.

There’s also the unfortunate reality that some of those higher numbers just aren’t real: some companies artificially inflate their thread count, using thinner threads or double-counting two-ply yarn to inflate the thread count printed on the label.

All of this is to say that while thread count is a factor to use when comparing sheets, it’s far from the best measure of whether or not the sheets you’re getting are high quality.


While you’re shopping for bed sheets, take a look at the label to get an idea of what it means for the feel and durability of the sheets.

Long-staple cotton and bamboo are typically considered among the highest quality sheets. Sheets made from these materials are usually strong and durable, while also producing a soft, luxurious feel.

Bamboo sheets, of course, get bonus points for being naturally cooling, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. They’re also a bit more sustainable than cotton, since the bamboo plant requires less water, land, and pesticides than cotton does.

Other sheets may use a blend of different, shorter-staple cottons or synthetic materials like polyester. While sheets made with these materials can mean a cheaper total at checkout time, it can add to your cost down the road when you have to replace the sheets earlier.


Of course, the materials, thread count, and weave don’t mean much if a company cuts corners in making their final product.

If you want a set of sheets that will last, consider the manufacturing process and the care put into sourcing the raw materials. Read reviews to see what others have to say about the durability, comfort, and feel of the sheets, as well as any potential issues, such as pilling or wrinkling.

You should also consider the company's transparency about their sourcing and manufacturing process, as well as their commitment to sustainability and fair labor practices.

A good rule of thumb is if you have a hard time finding an answer about how a particular set of sheets are made, they’re likely made using cheaper or unsustainable materials.


Regardless of the material used, after yarn is woven into fabric for a set of sheets it has to go through a finishing process in order to get ready for market. One part of this is dealing with the tiny hairs that come off the individual strands of fabric.

These hairs not only give sheets a rough appearance and feel, they can also cause sheets to pill over time. Most companies deal with these little hairs through a process called singeing. This involves running the fabric over a flame or very hot surface to burn off the hairs without damaging the fabric itself.

At Hush, we’ve worked with our manufacturing partners to develop a unique alternative to this process for our sheets. Rather than burn off those hairs, we roll them up tightly into the yarn. This makes for extra durability and softness for our sheets while still allowing for the breathability of a lower thread count.

It’s little details like this that set our sheets apart from the competition, with a set of high quality sheets that feel softer than ones with much higher thread counts.

If you’re ready to experience the best high thread count sheets in all of Canada, give the Hush Iced 2.0 sheets a try today.