How to Store Bamboo Sheets: Tips for Long-Lasting Comfort and Quality

Stored Bamboo Sheets

With breathable, cooling technology and antibacterial properties, bamboo sheets can be a great way to ensure a great night’s sleep - every night! But if you’ve recently invested in bamboo bedding, you might be wondering where best to store your extra sets when they’re not in use.

In the following guide, we’re going to go over some key touch points when it comes to storing your bamboo sheets, so you can guarantee long-lasting comfort and that all-important durability. Let’s dive in!


What are Bamboo Sheets?

Before we take a look at how to store bamboo sheets - what exactly are they? If you’re new to the world of sustainable bedding, bamboo sheets are just like regular bed sheets - except they’re made with bamboo pulp as opposed to cotton or other traditional fabrics. Bamboo sheets are notable for a wide range of different sleep and health benefits, including:


Thermal Regulation

Your thermal environment - aka your sleep temperature - is absolutely essential when it comes to good sleep; too much heat exposure can reduce slow-wave sleep (deep sleep) and increase wakefulness, leaving you feeling groggy and far from energized when you wake up in the morning.

This is where bamboo sheets can help; bamboo is naturally cold to the touch, meaning it can help regulate your body temperature in almost any environment. It’s also much more absorbent than cotton, so it’ll wick away heat and sweat from your body during the night, leading to more restful, deep sleep.


Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic

Thousands of germs and bacteria can live on your bedsheets, which can lead to recurring acne breakouts (both on your face and body) as well as skin infections and even more serious bacterial infections like pneumonia. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, meaning it repels germs, dust mites and other bacteria, keeping your bed more hygienic and cleaner than regular cotton sheets.



If you’re conscious about aligning your environmentally-friendly worldviews with your shopping choices, bamboo is the perfect fabric for your bedding; not only is bamboo the fastest growing plant in the world, it also doesn’t require the use of toxic chemicals or irrigation when being manufactured; this makes it one of the most planet-friendly fabrics for your home.


How To Store Bamboo Sheets

So, if you’ve already invested in bamboo sheets in Canada, how and where should you store them when they’re not in use? Here’s what you should keep in mind:


Avoid Storing with Abrasive Fabrics

Bamboo sheets are naturally durable, but there are a number of things you can do to enhance and prolong their durability for as long as possible. For starters, this includes avoiding storing your bamboo sheets alongside more abrasive fabrics such as denim, as this can damage the bamboo and cause pilling. When your bamboo sheets aren’t in use, you’ll ideally want to store them somewhere on their own, or at least ensure that you’re storing them in a protective bag.


Protective Bag

While you might think that a plastic box might be the best (and most affordable) option for storing your bamboo sheets, this isn’t the case; bamboo sheets can be slightly susceptible to mildew given their absorbent properties, and moisture can easily build up in closed containers. Instead of opting for a plastic container, store your bamboo sheets in a cotton bag - this will allow for the circulation of air so your sheets can breathe.


Fold Bamboo Sheets Correctly

You might not think there’s a “correct” way to fold sheets, but there absolutely is! When it comes to bamboo sheets, all your efforts when storing are designed to prevent moisture buildup and protect the bamboo fabric - failure to do so can end up ruining your sheets and rendering them ineffective. To avoid moisture buildup, fold your sheets loosely, and even add a very small sprinkle of baking soda between the folds - this will soak up any moisture. Secondly, make sure you don’t fold your sheets too tightly; unnecessary pressure can end up damaging the bamboo fabric.

Wash Before Storing

This might seem self-evident, but washing bamboo sheets before storing them is absolutely essential for their longevity! The more your sheets are in use, the more moisture, sweat and germs they’re going to pick up from day to day - especially highly absorbent bamboo fabric - so washing them before storing them away is vital to prevent mildew.

Don’t forget that it’s also important to know how to wash and care for your bamboo sheets - washing and drying them correctly is key to keeping them in tip-top condition.


Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Finally, make sure you’re storing your bamboo sheets in a cool, dry area of your home. As bamboo is highly absorbent, storing your sheets anywhere with high humidity can lead to mildew and a musty-like smell which can be a pain to get rid of; keep them fresh by storing them away from more humid areas.