Miracle Sheets Review: Do They Live Up To The Hype?

Bed with Miracle Sheets Extra Luxe in stone gray color.

Everyone loves clean sheets, but no one likes the chore of cleaning them. Sadly, laundry is still a necessity, but the Miracle Brand bedding company claims to have a product that will cut down on laundry significantly. Their silver-infused cotton sheets allegedly kill 99% of bacteria so you don't have to wash them nearly as often. Sounds great — but is it true? Our Miracle Brand sheets review will evaluate their claims and help you decide if these sheets belong on your bed.

How do we know what we're talking about? Great sleep is our bread and butter here at Hush. Along with our blankets, mattresses, and other sleep essentials, we spent several years designing our own antibacterial and hypoallergenic bed sheets. We've researched, tested, and torn apart every bedding material known to mankind. We'll draw on that expertise as we walk you through the pros and cons of the Miracle sheets.

Miracle Sheets Review: The Basics

We know not everyone will have time to read the detailed breakdown below, so here's the quick version:

Miracle Brand sheets are definitely good at suppressing bacterial growth, so they take longer to develop odors than sheets made of ordinary cotton. But you'll still have to wash them every 10 days or so to keep them clean. The Miracle sheets are also rougher on the skin than their marketing suggests, and they lack the temperature-regulating power of more breathable fabrics. If you want softness and cooling power as well as antibacterial activity, you're better off with our Iced 2.0 bamboo sheets.

That said, Miracle sheets may still be the right choice for some sleepers. We'll review this bedding in detail below and explain what's great about it — and what's not so great.

Why Antibacterial Sheets?

Floating green bacteria cells

It's easy to see the point of mouthwashes and bathroom cleaners that fight bacteria, but why does it matter for Miracle sheets?

Basically, it's because bacteria stink. Much of what we think of as "body odor" is actually caused by microorganisms that live on our skin, multiplying rapidly when we sweat and releasing smelly gasses in the process. Your bed sheets can also serve as a breeding ground for these little stinkers, causing odors to build up until laundry day. Some skin-dwelling bacteria can also contribute to acne breakouts.

So in theory, less bacterial growth should mean clearer skin and a better-smelling bed. That's why lots of companies, including Miracle Made, are experimenting with fabrics designed to fight microbes.

Are Miracle Sheets Really Antibacterial?

Bed with tan sheets

It's understandable to be skeptical of claims that your sheets won't stink after you've slept in them for a week. And some of the language Miracle Brand uses in their marketing sounds overblown. For example, they say their sheets contain "natural silver fiber," but where in nature are you going to find cotton fibers mixed with silver?

Despite the odd wording, current science backs up the idea that silver-infused fibers can kill bacteria. Though Miracle Brand doesn't share the testing data behind their claim of 99% effectiveness, the theory is sound.

However, they also claim that the bacteria-fighting power of their sheets means you can go up to three weeks without washing them. This is a bad idea. 

Even if the silver-infused fibers could completely eliminate bacteria from your bedding, microbes aren't the only things that make your sheets dirty. They're still filling up with dead skin, hair, and natural oils, not to mention day-to-day dirt and grime.

You're probably better off washing your Miracle sheets after 10 days at most. That still buys you a bit of extra time, since you need to launder regular bed sheets once a week, but it won't completely transform the way you do laundry. Your silver-treated bedding will have less odor between washes, though.

It's worth noting that a cotton-and-silver blend isn't your only option when it comes to antimicrobial bedding. For example, bamboo sheets also inhibit bacterial growth, making them good for your hair and skin.

How Soft Are Miracle Sheets?

Book on bed with sand-colored sheets

For most people, odor isn't the #1 concern when shopping for bed sheets — comfort is. Miracle Made talks up the softness of their sheets, saying they’re made of high-quality Supima cotton. This long-staple variety is one of our favorite materials for bed sheets. The long, slim fibers make it possible to create a very soft weave.

Unfortunately, many Miracle sheets reviews indicate that customers found the sheets rougher than expected. This is true even for the "Extra Luxe sheets," which feature a thread count of 500 with a smooth sateen weave. Comfort is always a little bit subjective, of course, but it's a red flag when numerous customer reviews complain that the softness didn't live up to expectations.

It's hard to say if the added roughness is because the silver fibers aren't as soft as cotton, or if it's due to other quirks in the manufacturing process. Either way, it's disappointing, considering that Miracle Brand advertises their sheets as "luxuriously soft."

Are Miracle Sheets Hypoallergenic?

Woman blowing her nose

Short answer: it depends what you're allergic to!

If your bad reactions mostly come from mold, you might be able to benefit from Miracle sheets. The silver in their fabric can kill fungus as well as bacteria, cutting down on the mold spores that trigger the sniffles. Several Miracle sheets reviews mentioned that users found their stuffy noses clearing up after a few nights

Just remember that these sheets don't do anything about dead skin. Dust mites, which are the real culprits behind many allergies, can still feed on the flakes that fall from your body. If you’re prone to allergic reactions, you should wash Miracle Brand sheets just as often as regular sheets to combat mite infestations.

Will Miracle Sheets Keep You Cool?

Bed with gray sheets next to fan

The Miracle sheets website promises that their bedding means "no more night sweats." We're not convinced. Their Extra Luxe sheet sets are made of cotton sateen, a weave that's not known for its breathability. They also have a fairly high thread count, which is good for durability, but also makes for a tighter and heavier sheet, cutting down on airflow.

The Signature sheets are probably a bit cooler thanks to their percale cotton weave and lighter weight. However, nothing about them suggests that they'd be particularly good sheets for night sweats. Cotton bedding tends to trap heat, and it’s not great at wicking away sweat.

Most of the Miracle sheet reviews we looked at only added to our skepticism. Even many customers who were happy with their bedding said it doesn't regulate their body temperature any better than typical sheets. If you have trouble getting to sleep because of overheating, you'll usually be happier with a cooling fabric like bamboo.

How Durable Are Miracle Sheets?

Close-up shot of a sewing machine.

You can have the softest, cleanest, coolest sheets in the world, but if they fall apart after just a few washes, you won't be happy. How well do Miracle Brand sheets deal with the stresses of everyday use?

These sheets are fairly strong, since they're made of high-quality Supima cotton. The fibers of this cotton variety are quite long, so there are fewer fiber ends poking out after you weave them into threads. That means there aren't as many places where the threads can catch on rough surfaces and break. That’s probably why we only found a few reports from customers of these sheets ripping or pilling.

However, there are some fabrics made of natural fibers that are even stronger than long-staple cotton, such as linen, bamboo, and eucalyptus. Customers who are looking for bed sheets with the longest possible lifespan may want to consider these alternate materials. For more info, check out our articles on the merits of linen versus bamboo sheets or bamboo versus eucalyptus.

Are Miracle Sheets Healthy?

DNA strand

Many of us are starting to be wary of pesticides since so many of them are harmful to human health or the environment. You might be wondering whether the "natural bacteria-fighting silver" of Miracle Brand products is safe.

Unfortunately, it's hard to give a definitive answer. The use of silver in clothing and bedding to suppress bacteria is fairly new, and the health effects haven't been studied in much depth.

Some experiments have shown that silver nanoparticles like the ones in Miracle sheets can cause DNA damage in cells. Of course, like most potentially harmful chemicals, the devil is in the dosage. It's not yet clear how much silver your skin absorbs from this type of bedding, or how much exposure would pose a health risk.

Another possible concern is that silver particles in clothing might cause environmental damage when they wash off and make their way into the water table. Researchers at the University of Utah found that these microscopic bits of silver can mutate the embryos of zebrafish, suggesting silver-infused fabric could pose an ecological risk. Scientists are still not sure how great this risk might be, but environmentally conscious consumers should keep it in mind.

Bamboo sheets are often a better choice from an environmental perspective, especially if they’re organic and OEKO-TEX certified as chemical-free. Bamboo is a sustainable crop that consumes very little water and can be grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. Bamboo harvesting also doesn’t contribute to deforestation and erosion.

Will Miracle Sheets Fit Your Bed?

Bed with gray and white sheets

Some customers have a hard time getting Miracle Brand sheets to stay put on their beds. The elastic on the fitted sheet isn't the strongest, and a number of people found that it tended to pop off. This was more common with the Extra Luxe sheets, most likely because the sateen weave is a bit more slippery.

The company claims their fitted sheets have a 16-inch “pocket” — meaning they should fit a 16-inch thick mattress — but a number of Miracle sheets Amazon reviews contradict this. Several people with 13-inch or 14-inch mattresses said that the fitted sheet they received was too tight to fit properly. That's a shame, because more and more sleepers are switching to thick bed-in-a-box mattresses. Customers with beefy beds should probably look for sheets with deeper pockets.

Are Miracle Sheets Worth The Price?

White sheets neatly folded on a beige surface.

A Queen-sized set of Miracle Signature sheets costs about $222 CAD, while the Extra Luxe sheets are about $292. Some customers have noted that the prices on the website appear in U.S. dollars, even when accessing the site from Canada, so make sure to double-check what you’re actually paying! 

There's also a $15 surcharge for shipping to Canada, and you’ll have to pay the import duty on delivery. The company doesn’t calculate this cost for you at checkout, but the Canadian government has an online tool that will give you an estimate. You’ll need to add the duty to the checkout price to figure out the true cost of your shipment.

So these sheets are a bit pricey, but are they worth it? Your answer will depend a lot on how much you value the odor-fighting power of the fabric. That's the main thing that separates Miracle Brand sheets from any other long-staple cotton bedding. Despite what their online description says, they're not much softer or cooler than regular sheets.

If you'd prefer a more breathable, touchable, and affordable sheet set, you may want to consider the Hush Iced 2.0 bamboo sheet. Not only are they antibacterial and hypoallergenic, they're also silky-soft, and their porous fibers offer excellent airflow for hot sleepers. You get 100 nights to try them out, and we'll take them back if you're not completely satisfied. Take a look at our product page to see if Hush sheets are right for you!