5 Types Of Blankets For Every Home

Blanket types

Whether they’re used for decor, to add colour to your home, or for simply snuggling up on the sofa with, you can’t go wrong with a good blanket! But with so many different types of blankets on the market, it can be difficult to settle on one to invest in; from weighted blankets to heated blankets, which one offers the most effective blend of comfort and coziness?

To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up 7 types of blankets that are essential for your home, from electric blankets for the cold Canadian winters, to cooling blankets for those hot summer nights. Let’s dive in so you discover which type of blanket is best for you!


Weighted Blanket

Perhaps one of the most interesting and innovative blanket developments in the last few years has been the weighted blanket; designed to reduce the stress hormone cortisol using deep pressure stimulation, weighted blankets have been proven to improve insomnia, reduce anxiety, and even improve fatigue during the day. At Hush, our weighted blankets are made with ultra-comfy microfiber material, so you can even sleep under them and improve the quality of your nightly shut-eye.


Heated blankets

Anyone who lives in Canada knows that winters in the Northern Hemisphere can be brutal - but with an electric blanket, the colder months don’t have to be so teeth-chatteringly difficult! Electric blankets can either be placed on top of your bed sheets for full-body warmth, or worn around you on the sofa for ultimate coziness. Plus, having a heated blanket on-hand can even help you save money on your heating bills during the colder months - win-win!

Do note that you should always apply some basic safety measures when using an electric or heated blanket; it’s not recommended that you leave the blanket on all night (particularly if it’s a plug-in blanket) and it’s also a good idea to replace the blanket often; fires caused by electric blankets tend to occur due to faults within the electronic component.


Cooling blankets

So we’ve talked about heated blankets, but what about cooling blankets? After all, many studies have shown that a cool thermal environment can significantly increase sleep quality - and for those of us who suffer from night sweats or hot flashes, a cooling blanket can be a lifesaver when it comes to our sleep cycle.

So, how does a cooling blanket work? It’s simple - at Hush, our cooling blankets are made with 100% organic viscose bamboo, which is naturally cold to the touch and can help regulate your body temperature (and our cooling blanket is also weighted to help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep!). So whether you simply prefer sleeping in the cool or you need a lightweight blanket to help get you through the summer, a cooling blanket is a hot-weather must-have.



For those who love a blend of aesthetic appeal and function, a comforter is the ideal blanket for your home, your sleep cycle, and your decor! Not only can a comforter be used to drape across your bed for some added style, but they’re also great for sleep, especially if the weather is too warm for a heavyweight duvet. In addition to this, a comforter is the perfect lazy-day option if you still don’t know how to put on a duvet cover (we’ve all been there).

Plus, they can make for perfect home accessories elsewhere in your home; simply throw on a comforter cover in the style and colour of your choice across your sofa and watch as you bring your space to life.



When it comes to versatile blankets, it’s hard to go wrong with a good quality quilt. Unlike a comforter, a quilt is typically a multilayered blanket, and can be used for everything from a picnic rug to a decorative throw for your bed or sofa. Quilts also make fantastic bedding for those who love sleeping in cool temperatures but still need some insulation during the night; you can opt for soft-touch quilts for added comfort, or a padded quilt for some extra warmth.



What’s the best soft blanket material?

If you’re looking for a soft blanket, there are a number of fabric options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a blanket that combines soft-touch textiles with stress-reducing properties, you can opt for our Hush Knit weighted blanket in either soft velour or cotton, both of which are soft to the touch while helping reduce anxiety, promote better sleep and reduce insomnia.


What are blankets made of?

Just as there are lots of different types of blankets on the market, there are also several different blanket materials used to make them, from cheap polyester to more expensive fabrics like bamboo and velour. If you plan on investing in a blanket to use long-term, we’d always recommend opting for the highest-quality, most sustainable materials - while it might cost you more upfront, you’re getting a more durable, planet-friendly blanket that’ll be sure to go the distance.


What is the coolest material for a blanket?

If you’re looking for a cool blanket to help improve your sleep, we’d always recommend our viscose bamboo blankets, sheets and duvet covers. Not only does bamboo help regulate your body temperature at night, but our Hush bamboo is 100% sustainable, made without pesticides, toxic chemicals and irrigation.