How to Put On a Duvet Cover Like a Pro

Women putting on a duvet cover

Picture the scene: you’ve got your head inside your new duvet cover, sweat beads forming on your forehead, fighting aimlessly in a futile attempt to align your duvet with its new cover, wondering if you might have bought the wrong size - all the while asking yourself how something so simple in theory can be so difficult in practice? If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone! While putting on a duvet does seem like a pretty mundane task, getting it done right can often feel impossible.

If you’re tired of fighting a one-sided battle with your bedding, we’ve put together a simple guide on the best way to put on a duvet cover, so you can get it right the first time around, no sweating or puffing involved! Let’s take a look.


Easy Way To Put On a Duvet Cover: Step by Step

So, there are actually two easy ways to put a duvet cover on: the traditional method and the rolling method, also known as the burrito method. Here’s how to do both:


The Traditional Method

If you’re wondering how to put on a duvet cover by yourself, it might be worth first trying the traditional method, which is the simplest of the two for some. Here’s how:


Step 1

Lay your duvet (aka your duvet insert) flat on your bed, ensuring that it’s perfectly aligned with your bed frame. Next, take your new or freshly washed duvet cover and lay it on top of the duvet insert. Remember to ensure that your sizes match: a queen duvet cover in Canada will only fit perfectly over a queen-size duvet, so double check before you begin.


Step 2

Now, turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it back down on the bed. Then, begin by grabbing the corners of your duvet and your duvet cover at the same time.


Step 3

Holding both your duvet cover and duvet at the same time, shake down the duvet cover. The duvet cover will naturally fall onto the duvet as you shake - just make sure to shake hard to ensure the corners of the duvet reach the corners of the duvet cover. This might take longer if you’re using a larger duvet - such as a duvet cover set king size or queen size - but persist and you’ll see results.


Step 4

Once the duvet cover is fully covering your duvet, zip or button it up at the bottom and lay it down on your bed. And voila, your duvet cover is on and your bed is ready! Finish up by making your bed, throw on some pillows and you’re finished!


The Rolling Method

If you find the traditional method difficult, the rolling method might be easier.


Step 1

To begin the rolling method, lay your duvet cover on your bed, but make sure your duvet isn’t on your bed already, as you’ll be placing that on top after.


Step 2

Just like with the traditional method, turn your duvet cover inside out, and place it on your bed with the zip-end or button-end at the end of your bed.


Step 3

Next, place your duvet on top of the duvet cover, ensuring that the corners align perfectly. Then, head to the top of your bed, as you’re going to roll the duvet and the duvet from the top down.


Step 4

Now it’s time to roll! If you’ve ever made a burrito, you’ve got a tactical advantage here; simply grab both your duvet and the duvet cover, and begin rolling horizontally heading towards the end of your bed. Once you reach the end, it’s time to flip the duvet cover over the end.


Step 5

Ensuring that the end is covered, start shaking down your duvet - the cover will naturally fall into place over the duvet, just make sure to give it a good shake to ensure the corners all meet and the duvet is spread evenly inside the cover.


Step 6

Once the duvet cover is on, all you need to do is give it a quick fluff up and you’re ready to go! Place it on the bed as usual with your pillows and other bedding, and you’re finished. Don’t forget that you should change your bedding every 2 weeks, and wash your duvet at least once a year - take a look at our guide on how to wash a duvet for tips and tricks.



Should the opening on a duvet cover go at the top or bottom?

The opening on a duvet cover should always go at the bottom of your bed - this is because loose buttons or even loose or faulty zips could pose a choking hazard when you sleep.


Where does the tag on the duvet go?

The tag on the duvet should usually go at the bottom left side of the bed; this helps keep the duvet in place.


Why are duvet covers so hard to put on?

Duvet covers are difficult to put on for two reasons: one, you’re typically dealing with a duvet and a cover that are both about two or three times your size, and two, there’s no mechanism in place to help simplify the process; while some duvet covers come with ties and loops, others don’t.