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Queen Duvet Cover

Made from the finest materials, every single one of our premium bamboo and cotton queen duvet cover sets can make your sleep more restful and comfortable than ever before.

Enjoy a 100-night trial on us. We want to make sure you love it before you keep it.


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What is a Queen Duvet Cover?

By definition, a queen-size duvet cover is a covering for a queen-sized duvet insert or a comforter. The purpose of a queen cover duvet set is both decorative and functional; it can provide an extra layer of comfort while complementing the aesthetic of your bedroom. For reference, all Hush queen-sized duvet covers measure 90 inches in length and 92 inches in width.

Why Choose Queen Duvet Covers by Hush?

Premium Materials

Both our iced duvet cover set and the cotton sateen duvet cover set are made of the highest quality premium materials. Our iced duvet cover set is made out of pure viscose bamboo, which is designed to provide you with that cooling effect. As for our cotton sateen duvet set, it's made from long staple, high-quality cotton with a sateen weave that will provide you with softness you've likely never experienced before.


Luxurious Feel

Whether you choose our 400-thread count queen cotton duvet cover set or our 500-thread count Iced bamboo queen cover set, from the second you go to bed, you'll experience the epitome of luxury and comfort.


Softer After Every Wash

Rather than deteriorate (as is the case with most brands selling queen bedding sets in Canada), every square inch of our queen duvet cover set will only get softer and softer after every wash. This is only possible thanks to our continuous dedication to sourcing only the finest fabric and materials for our products.

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Queen Duvet Cover FAQs

Should Your Duvet Be Bigger Than the Bed?

Ideally, your duvet should be the same size or slightly bigger than your bed. To feel comfortable at night and to suit the aesthetic of your bedroom during the day, we don't advise that you purchase a duvet that is smaller or way too big for your bed. It shouldn’t touch the floor, but it should drape over the mattress enough to cover the mattress.

Should a Duvet Cover Be the Same Size as the Duvet?

If you want to achieve the perfect snug fit, your duvet cover should be the same size or slightly larger than your duvet. If your duvet cover is smaller than your duvet, there won't be enough space inside the duvet cover.

As a result, in places, your duvet will look crammed up inside the duvet cover, which isn't a pretty look. On the flip side, if your duvet cover is too big for your duvet, the duvet cover will be loose and baggy.

Do You Put a Comforter in a Duvet Cover?

If you're currently using a queen comforter cover, don't worry. Hush's duvet covers are very flexible. Whether you have a comforter or a duvet, you can insert it inside your Hush duvet cover and have a comfortable and restful sleep.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the size of your comforter/duvet with respect to the duvet cover. You want your comforter to be the same size or smaller to achieve a snug fit. We’d also like to point out that all Hush duvet covers have a snap system, which helps hold the duvet in place.

How Many Duvet Covers Do You Need?

That would depend on a few factors, such as your lifestyle, personal preferences, and how often you change your bedding. If you fall in love with our queen duvet cover sets, we recommend having at least two, so you never have to compromise on your sleep while washing your bedding. The same goes if you use the Hush microgravity blanket, which is designed to fit our duvet covers perfectly.

What's the Shipping and Return Policy on Hush Duvet Covers?

Once you're done shopping and have placed your order, we will ship your queen duvet cover set within 1-2 days. Depending on the time of year and your location, it will take between 5-7 business days for your order to arrive. Please note that we offer free shipping to most provinces across Canada on orders over $75.

As far as our return policy goes, you can return your Hush duvet cover set (opened or unopened) within the 30-night trial period.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, we do. Whether you choose to go for the cotton sateen duvet cover set or the iced duvet cover set, you can pay for your order in four evenly split payments.

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