Do Weighted Blankets Work? Read The Science Behind Weighted Blankets

Go From Stress and Anxiety to 100% Calm, Scientifically

Stress and Anxiety not only wear us out but they've been shown to negatively impact our overall health.

Weighted blankets help us combat the negative impact stress and anxiety have on our lives, our sleep patterns, and everything in between.

In fact, over 76% of people express physical and psychological symptoms caused by stress. 76% is a lot!

Luckily, a weighted blanket from Hush has been scientifically shown to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety through its natural cortisol reduction effect to go from stress and anxiety to 100% CALM.

Here's the science that explains how. For an in-depth article on the history and different scientific studies, see here.

The Science of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have been around for almost a century- from rehab centres to therapy for children with special needs. This is because of their scientifically-proven ability to help us relax.

Yep, weighted blankets are backed by science. Most people think, “I’ll just lay beneth a large pile of blankets. Same thing, right?” To which Science says, “Not exactly...”

In all seriousness, the reason Hush Blankets are so powerful is their adaptation from the medical community.

Weighted Blankets were created to help patients suffering from sleep anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, and just traditional issues with falling asleep.

The secret is DTPS, or Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, which helps people fall into a deeper sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up incredibly refreshed. It’s heavenly.

The reason this happens is, DTPS reduces cortisol, also known as “the stress hormone,” while releasing serotonin “the happy hormone” and melatonin “the sleep hormone.” It's more than just the weight, it's backed by science.

Research-Backed Benefits to Weighted Blankets


This study from SciMedCentral found that sleep time increased while movement during sleep decreased when participants used a weighted blanket.

Participants found it easier to settle down, fall asleep, and felt more refreshed in the morning.

Another study aimed to evaluate  the effect of weighted chain blankets on insomnia and sleep-related daytime symptoms for patients with psychiatric disorders. 

The results determined that depressive and anxiety symptoms decreased significantly for participants allocated to the weighted blanket in comparison to others.


Several engineers and behavioural scientists studied the safety of using a very heavy blanket in adults.

The results were lower brain activity, lower anxiety, and 78% preferred the blanket as a calming method.

Northwestern College conducted a literature review in 2018 to determine the effects of weighted blankets in patients with symptoms of Anxiety. 

This synthesis of the information researched suggested that weighted blankets are “efficacious anxiety-reducing agents”.

Research from Illinois Wesleyan University also discovered that statistically, there is a significant relationship between blanket type and quality of sleep. Therefore, weighted blankets may improve sleep quality and decrease levels of anxiety.

Deep Pressure Stimulation

The American Occupational Therapy Association studied the benefits of DTPS; the benefits have shown to occur even in short periods of being under a weight.

Sympathetic arousal decreased while parasympathetic arousal decreased. This led to improved performance on a test after being under the weight.

A study using a 30lb blanket in the lying down position was proven to be safe, as evidenced by vital sign metrics. 

Furthermore, data revealed that through the use of weighted blankets, 33% of participants demonstrated a lower electrodermal activity, 63% of participants reported lower anxiety, and 78% preferred the weight blanket as a calming method.


This study explains that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) experience more sleep problems, which as a result, causes more restlessness, tantrums, stereotypic activities, and reduced learning as well as speaking power.

Interventions, such as weighted blankets, can improve sleep quality and quality of life for children with ASD with no adverse effect.

Weighted blankets are known to be a common treatment for individuals with ASD. They have also been used to calm children with motoric restlessness and improve body awareness.

When surveying adults with autism and their sensory experiences, data had shown benefits in sleep, sensory issues, and stress reduction from the use of weighted blankets.


A study aimed to evaluate the clinical use of weighted blankets for insomnia in patients with ADHD.

Results had illustrated a reduction in median time to fall asleep and significant improvement of several other sleep-related issues. After a year, the positive results were maintained.

Want to keep reading about the science?

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