Canada’s Mattress In a Box

A smiling woman lying on her stomach in a Hush hybrid cooling mattress.

Introducing the Hush Mattress: designed based on interviews with 300+ Canadians and 1.5 years of research and development.

Most mattresses in a box are the same. They’re made with:

  • Cheap foams that keep you hot
  • Materials that sag quickly
  • Porous surface layers that trap dirt and bacteria (After 8-10 years the average mattress-in-a-box weighs 10lbs more than when you got it ⁠— all from germs and dust. YUCK!)
  • Toxic glues and foams that smell terrible when you first unbox the mattress

Of course, if you want to pay 5-10x the price of a standard mattress in a box, you could get a mattress without these problems. One made with natural materials that offered support for years.

But that’s a high price to pay. Too high.

That’s what we heard from our customers anyway. We talked to 300+ Canadians with sleep problems, and heard the same thing again and again:

Good mattresses are expensive, and affordable mattresses feel cheap and uncomfortable.

We decided to fix that with the Hush Mattress.

The Hush Mattress starts at just $800 for a twin, but is designed to last for a full 10 years. It’s built with non-toxic materials and offers support and comfort that will rival mattresses 10x the price. Plus, it’s made right here in Canada. 🍁

To learn more, check out the product page, or keep reading to learn what makes the Hush mattress the best value you can buy today.

A Hush Hybrid Cooling Mattress in a bed frame with its box packaging on the side.

Long-Lasting Support

Most box mattresses are 100% foam mattresses. These are comfortable at first, but all-foam mattresses tend to lose some of their support and fluffiness after just a year or two.

On the other hand you have traditional spring mattresses. But these can also become saggy, as the springs will wear out unevenly depending on your preferred sleeping position. Plus, they’re squeaky.

Our hybrid mattress features triple-zoned pocketed coils designed to give you extra support where you need it the most. In addition, we use high-quality springs that are normally exclusive to very high-end mattresses – but our mattress is a fraction of the price of these other mattresses. It’s built to stay supportive for years to come.

Say goodbye to saggy mattresses once and for all. We guarantee your mattress won’t become saggy: If for any reason it does, you’ll get a new one on us.

CertiPUR® Foam for That Oh-so-Fluffy Feeling

People want a mattress to support them, but they also want to feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud. With our premium box mattress, you get both: gentle support like you’ve never known from a foam mattress beneath multiple layers of soft, fluffy foam. It’s a softer mattress than a box spring, but it’s a slightly firmer mattress than a memory foam mattress.

The pillow top on the surface has both responsive foam and memory foam. You’ll get to experience that cozy feeling of gently sinking into the bed, but you’ll have plenty of support to keep you from sinking too far.

Memory foam mattresses can’t compete with the support our mattress offers: You get the benefits of memory foam with the support of high-end coils.

Hush Iced Cooling Tech for the Perfect Sleeping Temperature

Our bodies need a cool room temperature to fall and stay asleep, but we can’t always control the temperature of our bedroom. Thankfully, we don’t have to any more: This box mattress will stay cooler than your bedroom. Go ahead and sleep with your favorite blanket – you won’t have to worry about waking up from overheating.

We use three layers of cooling technology with breathable foam to draw heat away from your body and to keep it from coming back.

The phase-change materials on the top layer attract heat away from you through small, sponge-like holes. Then, the second layer made of Graphite continues to pull heat away from your body. Finally, the memory foam layer uses micro visco gel bubbles to absorb heat, keeping it away from your body. (Traditional memory foam doesn’t do that.)

Together, the three layers work together to draw heat away from you and keep you cool all night long.

Triple Zoned Coil System Gives You Support AND Comfort

Most box mattresses don’t have coils – but ours is not most box mattresses. Not only does our high quality box mattress have a coil layer, but those coils are divided into three zones: head, core, and feet.

When mattresses become saggy, they tend to sag mostly in the middle. With this in mind, we designed the core layer of our mattress with higher gage coils, providing extra support to keep your core from sagging into the bed. The head and feet zones have lighter density coils for gentle support and pain relief for your head, neck, shoulders, legs, and feet.

The pocketed coils are individually-wrapped to keep you perfectly still while other parts of the bed are moving. No need to worry about your sleeping partner’s unpredictable movements disturbing your deep sleep, or your dog jostling the foot of the bed, or your glass of red wine tipping over.

Made Just for You

When you order a mattress from Hush, we make it fresh just for you. That’s right: You’re not getting a box mattress that sat for months in some warehouse. When you order from us, you can unpack your bed in a box with peace of mind, knowing your bed hasn’t been sitting in that box for very long.

A mother and son happily smiling while lying on a Hush cooling mattress and Hush pillows.

Hear from Hush Mattress Customers!

See for yourself how much people love the amazing new Hush mattress.

Ever since I got this mattress I’ve been having the best sleep! I have sound and sleep through the night kind of nights. 10/10 recommend to anyone that is thinking about getting one. Worth every penny.

Hannah C.

Incredible sleep, like no other mattress I have experienced. I don't need to constantly put my feet out of the blanket to temperature regulate.

Siobhan J.

Was a bit skeptical of a 'spring mattress' in a box, but I must say I am quite impressed. Firm and supportive for different body shapes/weights.

Definitely feels cooler than a normal mattress.

Denis F.

I went for the full package consisting of the mattress, the 25 lbs blanket and the cool2.0 sheets. I don't remember waking up at all in the night, multiple nights in a row. Awesome products

Clayton D.