Why Choose The Hush Blanket? 1

1. Quality 

A blanket specifically designed to help with sleep issues shouldn't skimp out on quality, design, or effectiveness. There are different levels of quality of microfibre, which is our "minky" cover for the Hush Classic.

Our Hush Iced is a patent pending blend of fabric which will stay the coldest fabric in your house at all times. Making for the coolest weighted blanket on the market! 

We always produce our well-built covers and inner blankets with the highest quality fabrics available, even though it costs us more. Many other companies will opt for the lower quality one which doesn't feel smooth and isn't as densely packed with fibres. 

quality weighted blanket

2. Price

There's no doubt that weighted blankets can be a large investment in your health. But that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to get one. 

We price our blankets competitively, striving to always bring value, and are proud to be the most affordable blanket in Canada in our class. 

(Note: you may find $100 or so blankets at big retailers like Wal Mart and other big retails stores and wonder how they differ. Note that they are often made of cheaper materials, don't come with a cover, can be poorly made, and are usually much smaller in size.)

3. 100 Night Guarantee

We are proud to say we are the only company in the world to offer a 100 night guarantee on blankets. If you don't like the Hush for any reason, simply send it back and get a refund. That simple!

4. Free Shipping

As you can imagine, it can get expensive to ship a 25 pound package across the country. Not for you though. Don't worry, we'll always cover that. Ships same or next day, and delivers fast.

5. Technology

There are a few advancements we've made to our blanket that really makes us stand out from others. One notable one is our advanced weight distribution within the inner weighted blanket.

We accomplish this with smaller glass sand than anyone else, in more densely packed pockets. This evenly spreads the weight on your body so you don't feel like you're under a giant bag of shifting sand.

Another is our ZipperTech system, which securely fastens the inner blanket to the cover on 3 sides. Instead of old fashioned hooks, this ensures that the inner blanket doesn't sag to one side inside the cover. 

6. Fast and Dedicated Support

The first thing we reinvest in here at Hush is our people. Our support team is always growing to ensure you get friendly and speedy answers to any questions throughout-and after-your buying experience.

Email support@hushblankets.com or chat in with support on any page of our website and we'll respond ASAP between 8AM-9PM EST.  

7. Canadian Based

We know it's important for many of our customers to support and deal with a real Canadian company. Our blankets were designed by sleep experts in Canada, with Canadians in mind. 

This also means no hefty duties bills like when you purchase online from a US-based company. It also means faster shipping as it's coming from within Canada.

8. The GIVE-BACK Program!

We believe in giving back to the less fortunate and needy of our communities. That's why we are proud to have put in place our GiveBack program. 1 of our every 5 kids blankets and 1 out of every 10 adult blankets are donated to special needs programs or homeless shelters across the country.

At Hush, our company was built on the premise that we CAN make a difference. With the GiveBack program our impact is accelerated, enabling us to donate hundreds of blankets a quarter with our goal in mind to eventually be donating thousands. 

 hush vs gravid

If you're interested in learning more about our Hush Gives Back program, or to volunteer, please email us at support@hushblankets.com and we'll be happy to assist.  

We believe these reasons has made us the fastest-growing sleep company in Canada.

We hope that we've properly displayed the value in buying a Hush Blanket vs. from another company.