The 12 Best Cooling Sheets For Canadians In 2023

Gray Hush sheets and pillowcases on bed

Nothing can ruin your sleep like hot, stifling bedding. That's why cooling sheets can feel like such a miracle — instead of trapping you in a pocket of your own body heat, they help to equalize your body temperature with the room where you're sleeping. But it can be hard to tell which cooling sheet sets work as advertised and which ones are, well, full of hot air. How can you be sure you're getting the best cooling sheets?

One option is to see what the experts have to say. At Hush, we know a thing or two about cooling sheets. Our revolutionary Iced 2.0 material is the result of years spent interviewing textile suppliers, inspecting factories, and testing out countless combinations of fabric weaves and finishes.

We learned the hard way how much work it takes to make truly great bed sheets for hot sleepers. So when we tell you that we've rounded up the best cooling sheets sold in Canada, you know we're speaking from experience. If you struggle to get good sleep due to overheating and night sweats, these are the sheets for you.

Best Cooling Sheets Overall: Hush Iced 2.0

Folded set of light blue Hush Iced Cooling Sheets and Pillowcase.

When we were designing the Hush Iced sheets, we set out to create the absolute best cooling sheets possible. We poured a ton of time and effort into selecting the best possible fabric, weave, and finish for hot sleepers. Let's take a look at what makes this sheet set different from the rest.

Top-Quality Bamboo

Our research convinced us that bamboo is the best material for bed sheets, especially if you need bedding that will keep you cool at night. It's an extremely breathable fabric that lets hot air flow up and away from your body, which is crucial for temperature regulation. It's also got moisture-wicking properties to stop you from waking up sweaty, and it's so smooth that a thread count of just 300 feels as soft as premium Egyptian cotton sheets with much higher advertised counts.

We only use the finest quality bamboo fabric for our sheets, obsessing over even the tiniest details. For instance, we won't buy our raw materials during the summer because we’ve learned that bamboo fibers get weaker when they're harvested in hot weather. As a result, these are incredibly durable sheets, despite being so lightweight that you'll hardly feel them settling on top of you.

Cool To The Touch

On top of the natural coolness of bamboo sheets, we add our proprietary Iced 2.0 fabric finish. Without giving away any trade secrets, we can tell you that we tested out literally hundreds of different finishes before settling on this one. It's an innovative fabric treatment that helps diffuse and disperse heat away from your skin, magnifying bamboo’s natural cooling properties.

As a result, our sheets feel as luxuriously cool to the touch as a glass of chilled white wine. And they feel that way no matter how long you nestle under them.

Great For Your Skin, Your Hair, and Your Planet

Another great reason to opt for bamboo sheets is that they're eco-friendly — or they can be if they come from a manufacturer that steers clear of damaging chemical treatments. Hush sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning you can rest assured that they're free of toxic compounds. We also use only organic bamboo, cutting down on ecologically destructive pesticides and fertilizers.

On top of all that, Hush sheets are hypoallergenic, thanks to bamboo's natural resistance to mold, bacteria, fungus, and dust mites. The ultra-smooth texture also makes bamboo sheets good for your skin and hair — less friction means less eczema, tangles, and split ends.

Secure, Natural Fit

Bamboo sheets have a silky softness thanks to their long, smooth fibers. This feels great on your skin, but it can sometimes cause fitted sheets to slide loose, especially if you have to adjust your position a lot to get comfortable in bed. Hush sheets stay put, though, because we've added strong elastic straps at the corners of the fitted sheet. They keep the sheet super-snug against your mattress no matter what.

We've also given our fitted sheet extra-deep pockets to make sure that it fits beds of all sizes. With more and more customers opting for thick boxed mattresses, it's crucial to have sheets that can stretch far enough. The 16-inch-deep pockets of our fitted sheet should cover even beds with hefty mattress toppers.

Hush fitted sheet in sage color with elastic band on mattress corner.

Between their incredible breathability, their gentle feel, and their versatile fit, we feel confident in saying the Hush Iced 2.0 sheets are the best bamboo sheets you'll find anywhere.

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Best Linen Cooling Sheets: Silk & Snow Flax Linen

Bed with blue-gray sheets

While bamboo sheets are excellent for staying cool at night, they're far from the only option. Some people prefer the more homespun feel of linen sheets. If you're in that group, you might enjoy this set from Silk & Snow.

Like bamboo bedding, linen sheets are made from very breathable natural fibers. They also have similar moisture-wicking properties. Silk & Snow uses sustainably grown French and Belgian flax to produce their linen, and their loose weave allows for plenty of airflow to help you keep from overheating.

Despite their obvious quality, there are a few things we don't love about these sheets. For one thing, linen sheets tend to be heavier and coarser than bamboo, and this set is no exception. Silk & Snow also doesn't sell them as a complete set, which is a bit annoying. You can buy the fitted sheet and pillowcases as a bundle, but if you want a flat sheet, you'll have to pay extra. So the sticker price isn't as low as it first appears. That said, Silk & Snow is a good choice if you love the feel of linen and you're willing to pay for it.

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Best Organic Cotton Cooling Sheets: Looma Organic Percale

Corner of a bed with orange sheets

Cotton sheets aren't our first choice when it comes to cooling off at night, but some are miles better than others. If you prefer the crisp feel of cotton over bamboo's silky-smooth texture, check out Looma's sheets. They use a percale weave, which is more breathable and less sweat-inducing than most cotton bedding.

Looma's sheets are also quite sustainable — not normally a feature of cotton bedding. The GOTS-certified organic cotton is grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. And Looma buys it directly from the farmers, which they say enables fairer wages for workers.

The Organic Percale sheets from Looma are fairly expensive for the consumer, though. A Queen-size set costs about $340 (quite a bit steeper than the $169 you'd pay with Hush). And though they're lightweight and breathable compared to typical cotton sheets, bamboo is still more breathable, durable, and moisture-wicking. However, if you prefer the feel of cotton and want a sustainable Fair Trade option, Looma is a pretty good pick.

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Best Tencel Cooling Sheets: Casper Hyperlite

Bed with gray and white covers

Casper is a company best known for its online mattresses, but they've expanded into bedding, including their Hyperlite Tencel sheets. Like bamboo fabric, Tencel is derived from natural fibers, though in this case they come from eucalyptus wood. The Tencel manufacturing process is considered quite green, thanks to its closed-loop system that keeps harmful chemicals out of the soil and water.

Tencel sheets are also good for hot sleepers because they breathe well, and Casper's unique vented weave allows for even more airflow. The low thread count of 200 means that these sheets feel extremely light, which can be nice for those who tend to feel smothered by thicker bedding. The downside is that the Hyperlite set is quite thin and not particularly durable — many customers noted that their Casper sheets began pilling or ripping in a matter of weeks.

If you do decide to buy the Hyperlite sheets, we'd recommend washing them on very delicate settings to maximize their lifespan. They're soft and cool enough that some sleepers may find the tradeoff in durability worth it. Just don't expect them to last as long as Hush bamboo sheets.

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Best Synthetic Cooling Sheets: Sheex Original Performance

Folded set of tan sheets

For those who appreciate the stretchy softness of synthetic fabrics, we recommend the Sheex Original Performance sheet set. The material is a blend of polyester and spandex, offering the kind of moisture-wicking power you normally only find in athletic clothes. Numerous customers rave about how soft and cool to the touch they are.

Unfortunately, though Sheex bedding will keep you dry, it’s not as great at keeping you cool. Many people report that although the sheets feel chilly when you slide into them, they don't stay that way for long.

This makes sense if you've worn polyester or spandex clothing — though it's great at soaking up sweat, it's not breathable in the traditional sense. These sheets also have an unfortunate tendency to cling to your body, so it's easy to get tangled up in them if you move at all in your sleep.

Bottom line: though these aren't the best cooling sheets, they're great sheets for night sweats. And many sleepers will appreciate their smooth, low-friction feel.

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Best Celebrity Pick: Cozy Earth Bamboo

Bed with off-white sheets next to plant

The Cozy Earth bamboo sheet set has a unique claim to fame: Oprah loves these sheets. She included them in her 2018 Favorite Things, bringing them to the attention of literally millions of fans. And she's not the only celebrity who loves this brand; they've also gotten the nod from Mandy Moore and Hilary Duff, among others. What do the glitterati love about these sheets?

The #1 answer seems to be "softness." Cozy Earth bamboo sheets have a creamy smoothness that feels great against the skin. And like most bamboo fabric products, they're great at regulating your body temperature and diffusing sweat.

Unfortunately, you'll have to be prepared to pay celebrity prices if you want these sheets. The base price for a Queen set of Cozy Earth's cooling sheets is $369. That may be more than the average buyer is prepared to pay for a single sheet set.

Cozy Earth sheets also don't seem to resist pilling as well as other bamboo sheets like Hush. You may be able to cut down on this problem if you know the right way to wash bamboo sheets, but it's still disappointing to have to worry about pilling after paying close to $400 for your bedding.

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Best Egyptian Cotton Cooling Sheets: Parachute Percale

Rose-colored fitted sheet

Even if you don't know a lot about bedding, you're probably aware that Egyptian cotton is practically synonymous with luxury. That's because its long fibers greatly reduce friction when woven together, creating a much smoother and softer surface.

It's also more breathable than less high-end cotton, which is why these sheets from Parachute can help you stay cool. Like Looma's Himalayan cotton sheets, they're made with a percale weave that further increases the flow of air away from your skin.

They do come with the usual limitations of cotton: they feel heavier and coarser than bamboo, and they can't absorb as much sweat. If you perspire a lot at night and you need moisture-wicking sheets, you're probably better off with Sheex or Hush. And like Silk & Snow, Parachute treats the flat sheet as an extra, not part of their "sheet set." On the plus side, their materials are OEKO-TEX certified, and the company offers carbon-neutral shipping and returns.

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Best Silver-Treated Cooling Sheets: Sijo Airyweight Eucalyptus

Stack of white folded sheets

These cooling sheets from Sijo are made of Tencel fabric, similar to the Casper Hyperlite sheets. But there's a twist: Sijo's sheets are also infused with silver ions, which tear apart bacteria and fungi to help keep your bedding cleaner. This can help reduce odor and let you go a bit longer without washing your sheets.

Don't go overboard, though. Some companies that sell silver-treated fabric claim you can go three or four weeks without doing laundry. We can't recommend this — just because your sheets don't have as many microbes in them doesn't mean they're not getting oil, hair, and dead skin from your body all over them.

Still, the Sijo Airyweight sheets do have some odor-reducing qualities. And since they're made of Tencel, they're fairly sustainable and good at regulating your temperature. Plus, the company donates a portion of the sales revenue to various environmental and social charities. We have to take off a few eco-points for durability, though, since many reviewers found that their Sijo sheets wore through or began pilling fairly quickly.

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Best Color Selection For Cooling Sheets: Bedsure Bamboo

Bed with purple sheets and pillowcases

We've already explained why so many of our top cooling sheets are made from bamboo. This sheet set from Bedsure has the moisture-wicking and heat-releasing abilities we expect from bamboo bedding.

However, what makes this company really stand out is its lively range of 14 different color options. We have nothing against gray, beige, and off-white bed sheets, but it's nice to see choices for people who want their bedding to pop a little more. Along with the usual neutral colors, you can select vivid shades like burgundy, teal, navy, and purple (pictured above). Sadly, you do have to pay extra for the more off-beat options.

These sheets do wrinkle a lot, especially if you don't make your bed right after you do laundry. This happens to some extent with most bamboo cooling sheets, but Bedsure's customers were particularly vocal about the wrinkling issue. These sheets also seem to have a tendency to pick up stains from things like skin oils and (oddly enough) laundry detergent. If those issues aren't dealbreakers for you, you may appreciate this colorful moisture-wicking sheet set.

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Best Budget Cotton Cooling Sheets: Endy Organic Cotton

White sheets and pillowcases on bed

What if you're a bargain hunter as well as a hot sleeper? In that case, you may be interested in this cooling sheet set from Endy, which is only $125 (in a Queen size) for a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a pair of pillowcases. The company also offers free shipping to every province in Canada, with a 60-night trial period to confirm you like your sheets.

Of course, every deal comes with some tradeoffs. Endy doesn't specify what type of organic cotton they use for their sheet set, which most likely means that it's not a premium long-staple cotton. That means you shouldn’t expect these sheets to feel as soft as the Looma or Parachute offerings we profiled above. The thread count is 300, which is decent but not great for cotton sheets.

These aren't the softest or coolest sheets around. However, they're lightweight, breathable, and affordable. If you run a little bit hot at night, but not so much that you need the very best cooling sheets, the Endy set could be worth a look.

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Best Blended Cooling Sheets: Kassatex Linen-Bamboo

bed with white linen sheets

These unique sheets from Kassatex are made of a 60-40 blend of flax linen and bamboo viscose. They make a great selection for anyone who finds linen sheets a little too rough or bamboo a little too slick. The texture is soft without feeling slippery, and the sheets breathe well, helping to even out your body temperature if you sleep hot. Both linen and bamboo are effective moisture-wicking fabrics, so these are fantastic sheets for those with persistent night sweats.

Our only reservation about these sheets has to do with longevity. Bamboo and linen are normally strong fibers, but they can be weakened if corners are cut when they're harvested, processed, or woven. We're guessing something like that is going on with Kassatex, because a number of customers said that their sheets ripped within a few months of purchase. We'd be happier with them if we were sure they'd stand up well to everyday use.

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Best High Thread Count Cooling Sheets: Luxome Luxury

Folded glossy brown sheets

The claim to fame of the Luxome Luxury Sheet Set is that they have a higher thread count than any other bamboo bedding line. Most bamboo sheets have a thread count in the neighborhood of 250-300, while Luxome's is 400. Combined with their lustrous sateen weave, this makes them unusually smooth, even for bamboo fabric. Luxome is tailor-made for shoppers who want the shine and feel of silk with the moisture-wicking qualities of a bamboo sheet set.

However, high thread count sheets can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Though they're softer and smoother than more loosely-woven sheets, the added material makes them heavier and reduces airflow. Since Luxome's sateen sheets are made of bamboo, they're still better for hot sleepers than something like silk, cotton, or spandex. But they won't feel quite as cool as the Hush or Cozy Earth sheets.

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What To Consider When Buying Cooling Sheets

Person lying under navy blue Hush Iced sheets

Maybe you've already fallen in love with one of the sheet sets we discussed above. But just in case you're looking to do a bit more research, we'll give you a few pointers to help you in your quest for a cool night's sleep. Here are some factors you should take into account when looking for temperature-regulating sheets.


When you're shopping for cooling sheets, material quality makes a huge difference. Here's how some common bedding materials perform:

Bamboo stalks in bright and sunny day.


In our view, this is the best cooling material of them all. Technically called bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon, this fabric has amazing airflow and moisture-wicking ability because the fibers are shot through with tiny pores. It breathes like a living thing, probably because it's made from one.


The cooling profile of eucalyptus fabric is almost identical to that of bamboo. However, it's a bit more expensive to make, so sheets made of this stuff tend to cost more. That said, some consider Tencel (a specific type of eucalyptus fabric) more eco-friendly than typical bamboo viscose because the manufacturing process recaptures the chemicals it uses.


One of the oldest cooling materials known to humankind, linen is loose and airy, and it can absorb even more moisture than bamboo. On the other hand, it's coarser than other textiles, lacking bamboo's cool, shimmery feel. Linen sheets are great for those with heavy night sweats, but less appealing to those with sensitive skin.


Cotton can be pleasantly breathable or hot and stuffy, depending on the variety used. Long-staple cotton strains like Egyptian Giza 45, American Supima, or Indian Suvin are soft, lightweight, and porous, making them great for hot sleepers. But most cotton on the market is short-staple Upland cotton, which is much hotter and coarser.


Many sheets are made of polyester because it's cheap and can be very soft if woven correctly. Unfortunately, this 100% artificial fabric lacks the porous structure found in natural fibers like bamboo or linen. Though it can often absorb sweat well, it doesn't breathe much, so it's usually a poor choice for cooling bed sheets.


You'll notice none of the products we listed above are silk. That's no accident — while silk has lots of virtues, it can't compare to bamboo in terms of temperature regulation. Silk sheets are woven extremely tightly, which is great for softness but doesn't allow much heat to escape. We don’t recommend silk for cooling sheets.


rolls of colored thread

The way a sheet set is woven can have a major impact on how it feels. There are many different fabric weaves, but percale and sateen are the most common for bed sheets. Percale cooling sheets are quite common, because while a percale weave is a bit crisper and rougher, it allows more air to seep through. Sateen sheets tend to be a little softer but a little hotter, though this effect can be reduced by using porous materials like bamboo. Other textile weaves like Jersey, twill, and flannel are better suited to warm, cozy bedding.

Thread Count

Close-up of brown fabric

The importance of thread count is sometimes overhyped, but it does play a role in how cool your sheets feel. A higher thread count generally means a tighter weave, and therefore a less breathable sheet set.

As a general rule, cooling bed sheets should have a thread count in the neighborhood of 300. Note that this level of yarn density can feel very different depending on the materials used — a 300-thread-count bamboo sheet often feels much softer than a cotton sheet with the same number of threads.

Which Cooling Sheets Are Right For You?

Closeup of sage green Hush pillowcase and sheet

All of the sheet sets we've looked at should help hot sleepers feel more comfortable and cool, and all of them have some standout qualities that will appeal to certain shoppers.

If you're mostly concerned with softness, you might like the Cozy Earth or Luxome sheets. Fans of crisper textures may prefer the Silk & Snow, the Parachute Percale, or the Kassatex. Extra-sweaty sleepers might go for Sheex's moisture-wicking cooling sheets.

However, for most shoppers, we recommend the Hush Iced 2.0 sheets. We think these are the best organic cooling sheets you can buy, thanks to their superb durability, their chill-touch finish, and their secure fit. You don't have to trust us blindly, though — our 100-night sleep trial ensures that you can take the time to get to know our sheets before you decide if you like them. So do yourself a favor and grab a set of Hush Iced sheets, and get ready to say goodbye to sweaty, sleepless nights.