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Our Iced bedding comes with a 30-Night Trial, where you can try them for 30 nights and if you decide it’s not for you, return it for your money back. They also come with a 1-year warranty that covers any defects: if you find something wrong, we will replace it.

Installment Payment Plans

We offer installment payment plans, where you can pay in 4 installments spaced out over 2 months.

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Eco-Friendly, Premium Materials

Our Iced bedding is made with organic viscose bamboo, a naturally cooling and antibacterial material that keeps cool and clean all night long. 

What is viscose bamboo?

A big part of what makes viscose bamboo so good is that, as you might suspect: it's made from bamboo. Bamboo is incredibly fast growing, tall, and regrows once cut, meaning it doesn't need to be re-planted once harvested. Both these facts make it a highly renewable resource, and means it doesn't take up as much space as a typical cotton crop might.

It also requires little to no pesticides or fertilizers and uses little water, minimizing negative environmental impact from crops. Common crops like cotton are infamously water-hungry, resulting in the diversion and draining of natural water resources in many countries. They also require more pesticides and other agrochemicals, negatively impacting the environment in and around the crop. Bamboo's ability to thrive with little interference, and its impressive ability to regrow, makes it a very sustainable crop.

'Viscose' refers to the process that makes bamboo into cloth. Cellulose is extracted from the bamboo in chips, and then treated with solvents to break it down into something that can be spun into fiber. The solution used to treat those chips is called a 'viscose' solution. 

Care Instructions

Our Iced bedding is fully machine-washable. Simply put them in a cold wash, and hang dry for best results! And if hang dry isn't an option, no worries: try tumble dry on low heat.

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