How To Keep Duvet In Place: Mastering Bedding Stability

Keeping your duvet in place

Is there anything more annoying than a duvet cover that simply won’t stay in place? Not only does a lumpy duvet cover look aesthetically unappealing when on your bed, but if your duvet keeps moving around inside the cover, you might be getting uneven warmth and coverage when you’re asleep.

So, what can you do about bunching duvet covers? In the following blog, we’re going to share some of our top tips and hacks to keep a duvet cover in place, from DIY duvet clips to better understanding duvet cover sizing. Let’s take a look!


Why won’t my duvet cover stay in place?

Generally speaking, duvet covers aren’t meant to slide around, nor is your duvet insert supposed to move or slip down inside a cover when in use. If you find that your duvet cover does either of these things, one of these problems might be to blame:


Your duvet cover is too big

One of the most common reasons why your duvet won’t stay in place is a simple mismatch in size: your duvet cover shouldn’t be bigger than your duvet, and you should always match your duvet cover to the size of your insert. For example, if you have a king duvet cover in Canada, your duvet itself should also be king size. Always double check your sizing - one way to ensure that your duvet and cover match in size (and therefore won’t move around) is to buy both from the same brand.


Slippy materials

Duvet covers come in all styles and fabrics, some of which are more prone to moving around than others. More lightweight fabrics such as silk might not hold their place as well as more heavy-duty fabrics even when bought in the correct size, but this can be remedied with some DIY solutions.


Twisting and turning

Some of us are simply more animated when we sleep! If you twist and turn in the night, this can cause your duvet to move around and bunch up, especially if your sizing is mismatched or your duvet cover is a lightweight, slippery material.

How to keep your duvet in place

Depending on the reason why your duvet cover is bunching up, rolling down, or simply sliding around when you sleep, here are just a few solutions that can ensure a duvet cover that stays in place:


Understand Duvet Sizing

As mentioned above, a key element when it comes to keeping a duvet in place is ensuring correct sizing - if your duvet cover is too small for your duvet, it won’t be as flexible and comfortable as intended, and might cause your duvet to bend or feel uncomfortable on your body. Similarly, when a duvet cover is too large, the duvet will tend to follow gravity and bunch up at the bottom of the cover. Always match your duvet cover to the size of your duvet - sizing up might seem like a good idea in theory, but will have you attempting to kick your duvet back into place every night instead - not fun! In short, if you’re working with a queen size duvet, you should only be buying a duvet cover set queen size.


Pins and Clips

Pinion pins, safety pins and binder clips can all be used to keep your duvet cover from sliding around - all you need to do is attach your pin or clip of choice to the bottom two corners of your duvet, and your duvet cover should stay in place. While simple, there are a number of downsides to this method: not only is it arduous to attach and remove clips every time you change your duvet, but if they come undone (for example, if you turn a lot in your sleep) they can also pose a safety hazard - especially if you’re using safety pins. Plus, some duvet cover materials are slightly thicker, and pins and clips might not hold up to much pressure when tested.


Putting your duvet on correctly

We all know how annoying it is putting a duvet cover on your bed, but it doesn’t have to be! Plus, putting your duvet cover on efficiently is your first step in ensuring that it stays in place - and that means ensuring that all the corners of your duvet are perfectly settled in the corners of your duvet cover. You can achieve this by using either the inside-out method or the rolling method to put on your duvet cover, both of which you can find in our how-to guide here.


The Bottom Line

Overall, a duvet that keeps sliding down or moving around is most likely due to a size mismatch, but can also be caused by soft, lightweight fabrics and the unfortunate pull of gravity. While there are a number of DIY hacks to help you keep your duvet cover in place, the best way to prevent it from moving in the first place is to ensure that your duvet size matches the size of your cover, and that all 8 corners align when you put the cover onto the duvet insert.